Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval 4-part process with Sarah Salter Kelly

Soul Retrieval is the art of reclaiming the lost parts of your soul through shamanic journey, personal growth and ceremony.

When we go through an experience or experiences that feel traumatic we form beliefs that begin to restrict our idea of whom we are and who we can be. On an energetic level it is like pieces of our soul break off and are left hanging out in the dark until we do the work to call them home.

All of us are born into families, communities and an over culture that holds limiting beliefs, which form the framework of our sense of self. We may start out as divine beings of light, however as soon as we are born (and often while in the womb) we are subjected to experiences and sensations that minimize our understanding of whom we are. We notice our needs may not be met by those who we expected should, we might have experienced sudden loss or a trauma that compromised our sense of personal safety and security. In time we identify with the beliefs around these experiences, sometimes to survive, other times to feel like we fit in or belong. Eventually they cause soul loss and impact the relationships we have with others and ourselves as adults.

To put it plainly Soul Loss is caused by beliefs that state we are not whole.
The beliefs can look like the following: “It is not safe to be me, my needs cannot be met, I can’t trust my body, I am not good enough, It never works out, I can’t live my dreams, I must be who they want me to be, No one can support me, I must do it all myself, I am all alone.” They in time separate you, or cause you to lose contact with the part of yourself, which believes you ARE loved, you ARE supported, and you ARE enough exactly as you are… Often this part comes from a time in early childhood where the belief was formed and soul retrieval is the process of calling her home.

This requires a restructuring of your beliefs, listening to her needs, speaking what is true for you and committing to the changes needed to walk with her in a new way.

The process I offer is set up around the follow sessions.


1. First Session – Identification of Soul Loss:

What is the reoccurring pattern or issue at hand?
What is missing or unresolved?

What is the experience of unresolved trauma or powerlessness

Journey ( a safe place in your minds eye to engage your ‘felt’ sense and gather information regarding what is missing, and what it is you want from this process. In this session, the focus is on ‘hanging out’ with the pattern and being with how this is impacting your life

2. Second Session – Naming the restricting beliefs:

What are the limiting beliefs you hold relating to your soul loss?
When did you first form these beliefs?
What happened to form them?
What are the three specific incidents or experiences that proved these beliefs?
What people are related to this and how have they impacted you?
What age were you at the time of forming these beliefs?
Journey to uncover information regarding the above questions. Our focus is on gaining insight as to how these beliefs became the precursor to soul loss. Homework – Creation of offering for fire symbolic of the part of your self that is missing and how this has impacted your life.

3. Third Session – Fire Ceremony:

This ceremony guides you to give voice to what has felt broken inside, specifically who was involved in impacting your belief system, be that yourself or others. If it is at my place we are outside. In the city, it may be an indoor ceremony.

4. Fourth Session – The Soul Retrieval:

What does this part of yourself need to feel safe in coming home to you?
What commitment do you need to make to walk with her, and tend to her needs?
How can you integrate this experience in way that is healthy and sustainable?
Journey to call the lost part of yourself home, and inquire as to maintain wholeness

5. Additional Sessions

Sometimes it is necessary to add on a few extra sessions to help with integrating or they be an extension of session two.
Note that this process changes in accordance with individual needs.

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Blessings and Love,

Sarah Salter Kelly

White Raven Woman


Soul Retrieval 4 Part Process – $575