Tarot Card Reading

Although the tarot is used widely around the world as a source of divination, this is a muted down form of what it really represents. The tarot is a potent and powerful tool to help us humans access our inner divinity.  Not only does it contain within it the vast and fertile archetypal energy that we cannot deny is a part of our human existence – as if that were not enough, it also holds information about numerology, imagery, and the wisdom and knowledge of deep mysticism.

In readings, it is a powerful tool to be used to access insight and knowledge about our paths.  In learning the tarot as an art-form, it becomes a process of transformation and personal growth as we ourselves embark upon the hero’s journey.

The “story” that I most like about the tarot, and the one that feels most resonant to me is the one that comes from the time of the inquisition. This was when knowledge and people were being eradicated from the planet by the established “order” of the church, the tarot, was used to keep and pass on the secrets of the wisdom of the ages and of the mystics – all preserved for us in the deck of cards.


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