Voice Connection Therapy

Voice Connection Therapy with Health Professional Anna Beaumont

Simple voice, breath & mindfulness exercises for vocal health and overall wellbeing.
– For Singers, Speakers & Seekers

Private Voice Sessions


Voice Connection Therapy (45 mins – 1.5 hr)

For anyone who is looking to improve, find, free or heal their voice whether it be to sing or to speak. With 25 years of experience I assist in helping people in various ways whether it be through simple voice training, vocal coaching for professional singers or helping those with deeper more complex issues with their voice.

The Methods –

Authentic Voice– Anna has 25 years of teaching experience and is an expert  in helping to diagnose and bring health back to a voice.   Her years of studying the voice with various teachers along with her natural curiosity to what it really takes to sing with freedom continue to learn more and evolve as a teacher as well as singer.

Chakra Voice – The 7 vital energy centres of the body that distribute energy and information to the whole body has been a very big study for Anna and she brings this information in to help connect the voice to the body and the body to the voice.

This valuable learning of the Chakras helps to empower every singer to understand how the flow of energy works in their body and how each Chakra has a say in the sound and production of the voice.

Vagus Voice – The vagus nerve plays an important role in the health of the voice given that this 10th cranial nerve innervates the face, throat, ears and heart.  It radiates all the way down into the gut through the diaphragm and is responsible for so much of the calming, para-sympathetic energy that is required to sing in front of other people.  Activation of the vagus nerve through singing, toning and listening sets a tone of ‘safety’ for whoever you are in relationship with.  This is key if a singer wants to perform live.

Body Voice – Sometimes there is a need for a deeper approach in  finding or uncovering the voice.  Anna’s training in IBP helps to establish safety and understanding again in the client through very easy and simple exercises that help the people understand his or her sense of space again.

Given that singing is all about ‘taking up space’ this approach is very helpful for the client to be able to ‘take space’ energetically first before doing so vocally.  Reestablishing the sense of self and to be able to have a voice and the right to use it is foundational work.