8-Part Shamanic Journey Course with Sarah Salter Kelly March 13, 20, 27, April 3, 10, 17, 24, May 1, 2019

Shamanic journey awakens our inner wisdom, guiding us to heal our bodies, mind and spirit. It takes us on an adventure inwards, exploring the mystical, mythical and mysterious realm of spirit, learning to use our intuition to listen deeply to what is essential for our soul to grow. As we strengthen our capacity to journey it becomes an integral skill for manifesting power in our lives in balance with all of our relations.

This 8-part Shamanic Journey Course, is for beginners or advanced students seeking to enhance their practice. Each class focuses on one specific journey with time for circle, discussion and group process. It is an 8-part process and is NOT open to drop in.

Class break down as follows:

Part one: Place of Power – Your stepping stone into non-ordinary reality, it is from the creation of this safe and sacred place that you learn to trust in your ability to journey and form your own unique relationship with spirit.

Part two: Power Animal – Meet the power animal who is waiting to guide you in your experience of shamanic journeying. Learn what this power animal has to teach you and what he/she requires from you to maintain a healthy reciprocal relationship.

Part three : Belly Centre – Unwind the teachings of your gut instinct by healing your relationship with your belly.  What do you physically experience in your stomach/diegestive system on a daily basis and how does this relate to how you digest or process your life? What is healthy, what is not and what would you change?

Part four: Lower World – The lower world is the domain of our subconscious self… Here we will journey to reclaim a piece of lost power and ask how to integrate it in our lives.

Part Five: Wisdom Centre/Mind– It is through the crystal clarity of a healthy mind that we can use our intelligence to discern what we need to live in balance. Often old belief patterns or ideas form limiting neural pathways in our brains. This class focuses on journeying into our brain and choosing one unhealthy mental pattern to reroute on a cellular level.

Part Six: Upper world – This is the realm of the highest refined energy – Here we will journey to seek clarification about our soul’s purpose and how best to use what we know to make a difference. (within our own lives and our world)

Part Seven: Heart Center – Our blood nourishes our body by bringing oxygen and nutrients to each of our cells, directed by the rhythm of our heart. It is symbolic of our ability to give and receive love in our lives. As we explore this concept through journey we notice what is needed to align ourselves between heaven and earth so we may live from our hearts.

Part Eight: Middle World – The middle world is the domain of this time and space. Our intention is to gather to us all we have learned in the past 8 classes and create a collective ritual to celebrate how we will use this experience to step forward in our lives.


Cost: $245 early bird if registered by February 28th,  $295 regular price PLUS GST. Note this program has filled up a month in advance each time I have taught it. Register early with payment to confirm your spot.
Location: Healing Connections Edmonton 10548 – 115st
Registration: e-transfer to sarahsalterkelly@gmail.com alternately pay pal through this link

This class is geared for people interested in learning the following:
•    You want to learn how to use Shamanic Journey as a tool for guidance and healing
•    You’d like to learn how to establish a functional relationship with your power animal so it makes a difference in your life.
•    Curious about the realms of the lower world, middle world and upper world
•    Wondering what is the spiritual message of your belly – what ‘eats you’, what is difficult to digest in your life and what nourishes you?
•    What helps you to open your heart, and what causes you to close it off… how can you change this to bring more meaning into your life?
•    What is the vision in your mind, if you could wish for anything you wanted for yourself, what would it be and how does that bring clarity into your life.
•    What does this look like in your actual thought process?
•    How do you get stuck in your thought processes, what do the patterns actually look like? How can you re-route your thought process to serve you?