Patricia Dennis Medical Intuitive, Instructor of Spiritual and Mystical Studies, Intuitive Reader/Healer

Patricia combines the wisdom and knowledge she has gathered through her studies with gifted Teachers and Gurus, to provide her clients with insights into their inner world and to help them uncover root causes of challenges, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Patricia also instructs and coaches those on their spiritual journey to move toward a deeper connection with the soul and to set up a spiritual practice that will take them to the next step.

patricia-dennisPatricia provides spiritual studies in a variety of disciplines including Intuitive Healing, Tree of Life, Mystical Principles, Akashic Records, the Teachings of Oneness and Teachings of Enlightened Master Dr. Pillai.

Patricia is partnered with her long time Instructor Kathy Roseborough to bring you the Teachings of the School of Etheric Healing. Patricia provides a Western North American presence for this school of mystical and intuitive work. Through the school Patricia teaches Chakra work, Intuitive Healing, Akashic Records, Tree of Life/Kabbalah teachings and more to come.

Patricia is a certified Oneness Trainer, delivering the teachings of a very special spiritual school known as the Oneness University in Southeast India. The goals of the work of Oneness are to “Set Man Free” to live a life of connectedness and Oneness with all things, and to form a very strong bond with the God of their Heart. This work is highly transformational and will catapult those spiritual warriors looking for the next step on their journey, raising states of consciousness and bringing dramatic shifts in the outer world.

Patricia is a Licensed Facilitator for the teachings of Dr. Pillai, an enlightened Siddha Master that brings teachings, mantra work and so much more to help transform humanity as we enter the Golden Age. Through this work Patricia provides Dr. Pillai’s teachings on Karma, Karmic clearing, manifestation and spiritual deepening.

Patricia offers private sessions and mentorship and also delivers a variety of workshops both in classroom and online. Patricia is a constant student, working to expand her own state of consciousness and connection with the Divine forces in order to provide her clients and students with continued deepening and advancement.

Patricia has a Commerce Degree and has worked many years as a Consultant in the Information Technology sector. She understands the pressures and stresses of holding a demanding day job, managing a family and finding time for health, well being and a spiritual practice.

Patricia works with clients of all ages in one on one and group settings offering both face to face and remote sessions. It is her Soul’s Purpose to help others explore their inner world, find the roots of the issues that underlay the challenges of the external world, and bring peace and balance within.


WOW!! So beautiful and right on! You have seen into the soul essence and have been so compassionately supportive. Thank you. You have a gift that needs to be shared on earth at this time. Thank you for living your truth! S.G., Alberta

Patricia Dennis is a wonderfully, gifted Intuitive Healer who has helped me overcome an issue with my bowels that I have struggled with for years. When I say struggled, I mean that I lived with a frightening

and debilitating condition that essentially controlled my life. My activities were severely limited. I experienced some control with drugs, but as we know, that was just masking the condition. Patricia worked with me for two months. Within a few days, I noticed significant improvement. Patricia was always available for consultation if needed, but I found that her bi-weekly reports on my physical condition were sufficient. I am thrilled to report that my intestinal condition that I have suffered with for many years is completely gone. I enjoy a normal life, a life that I thought was impossible to achieve. I want to say a heartfelt thank-you to Patricia, and I encourage anyone reading this to believe. You can be whole.

S.E., Edmonton


Patricia Services

Intuitive Guidance/Healing and Intuitive Spiritual Counsel/Coaching Sessions

Patricia encourages all fees to be paid with debit card, Interac Transfer, cash or cheque to allow her to keep session rates affordable.

In person at Healing Connections.  Skype sessions also available for clients at a distance.

  1. 75 hr   Intuitive guidance/Healing/Coaching  $100

1.0 hr   Intuitive Guidance/Healing/Coaching  $125

1.25 hour  Intuitive Guidiance/Heaking/Coaching  $140

All healing sessions, guidance sessions and Akashic records sessions are intuitively led. The practitioner will access the client’s Higher Self as well as masters and healers of the inner planes that present during the session. Based on the client intent for the session, any or all of the following may come forth in the session: Guidance, Healing, release of karmic imprints and patterns, completion of old vows, pulling forward Akashic gifts, and wherever else the Higher Self guides us based on the client’s need.

These sessions are unique to the individual. Sessions can be recorded on request.


Tree of Life reading:  allow for 1.25 hour session

These readings provide the client with a “snapshot” of the current state of the chakra system or spiritual journey including where current challenges exist and what the Soul is working at the present time. This reading is done against the backdrop of the Mystical Tree of Life and the 10 Sephirah and uses the Major Archana of the Tarot to provide additional guidance and information.

This reading can also be done with focused intent to determine a person’s current Soul Purpose.

These sessions can be done in person or as a remote reading with audio file sent to client following the session.

This is an excellent reading to begin with or to do once or twice a year or after a shift in life circumstances.


Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring

One on One Custom spiritual content for those wanting a deeper experience

0.75 through 1.25 hour sessions available.  Skype sessions are preferred for coaching clients.

These sessions are intended for those wanting to study in a one on one coaching/mentoring framework instead of in a classroom format or those that would like to dive deeper into specific teachings and practices.

The client is free to determine how many private mentoring sessions they would like. If the client is booking a series of sessions, it is good to allow several weeks between sessions to allow for maximum benefit.

Medical Intuition

Contact Patricia to discuss her medical intuitive services.

Pricing and program of healing will be unique to each case.