Carole has been a massage therapist since 1996 and is a graduate of MacEwan University’s massage program. Since 2000 she has been part of the massage therapy team at the Royal Glenora Club and is very happy to be joining the Healing Connections family of therapists as well.

Carole’s massage treatments are both therapeutic and rehabilitative. Her treatments are based on years of practice and experiential knowledge of soft tissue anatomy and its psychosomatic and somatopsychic connections. Her hands-on skills are fluid, perceptive, effective and calming.

While the focus for the client may be injury prevention or recovery, regular maintenance, or a specific treatment goal, Carole’s role is to help the client with their most important life purpose – taking care of themselves.

In learning to be more intimately connected to one’s deeper and multi-layered self, one learns to value oneself more –  one breath, one muscle, one emotion at a time.

Carole’s youngest client is 9 yrs old; her oldest is 93. She embraces an eclectic clientele of young athletes in training, overburdened parents, working weekend warriors and aging seniors.

She is also trained in prenatal, postnatal and palliative care.

A dancer in her youth, from tap to tango, Carole has had a lifelong interest in the body and the art of movement.

She is and always will be a student of yoga and complementary health care. Carole is a certified senior teacher with the Yoga Association of Alberta. She currently teaches Iyengar yoga at the Family Yoga Centre and has traveled twice to Pune, India to study with the Iyengar family.

Much of Carole’s rehabilitative protocol is based on the Iyengar principles of stability first, then mobility and flexibility.

Carole is also an avid gardener of the Japanese variety. She has cultivated her Japanese home garden with peace and passion for over 20 years. She is definitely hands-on in whatever she pursues.

Carole’s fees: 1 hr $85.00+GST; 1.5 hrs $125.00 +GST

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