Reiki for Awakening by Healing Connections

What an amazing time it is to be on this planet, to witness the awakening of our collective consciousness. To see people rise above their programming and beliefs, to heal their ancestral lines, and to realize we are connected to each other, to the earth, and to the universe…. moving away from suffering and into our natural state of love and bliss.
I am writing this from the heart now, but I used to hear people say stuff like that and I didn’t get it. They seemed idealistic and surreal, and not grounded in real life. I’ve gone through hard times, depressed times, financially stressed times – I saw life as a struggle. And witnessing environmental destruction, narcissistic capitalism, nuclear weapons… Really, is the world awakening, and is our natural state one of light and not darkness?
I felt the options were simple – give up, or look for the light. I chose to look for the light.
Very early along my path of discovery, I found reiki. The first time I had reiki on my stomach area (over 10 years ago), I could feel a dark, uncomfortable churning. I carry my stress in my shoulders and my stomach, and after an extremely stressful job (supervising a multi-million dollar project that failed repeatedly), my stomach was in knots to the point that I feared an ulcer and my shoulders were up to my shoulders. I experienced some relief with breathwork and meditation, but when the reiki flowed into my stomach for the first time, thoughts I had been trying to ignore surfaced. I knew I was on the wrong path in life and it was time to change my life. I had a career change and I ended the relationship I was in – it wasn’t easy and there were many challenges. But reiki self-care treatments supported me, helped me relax, and released my fears and anxiety. I now give myself self care treatments daily, and deeply appreciate the relaxation it brings on all levels.
I have tried many other tools along my path to release the darkness from my being, and love many of them – yoga, meditation, breathwork, tantra, acupuncture, massage, various forms of energy healing… But reiki is one of my favorites as it connects me with my spirituality, and it is so easy for self-care. If you’re stressed you just lay down, place your hands on your body and breathe. The reiki does the rest, bringing balance to your energy field. Different people will have different results, depending on where they are out of balance.
There is also a place for reiki in the conventional health care system. The evidence base for reiki is beginning to grow, due to its ability to reduce stress and bring feelings of peace and relaxation. There have been very few adverse events related to reiki, and it is a complementary therapy. Some insurance plans have started to recognize this and are now covering it. And if you learn how, you can give it to yourself whenever you need it.
And now, at this point along my journey – I get it. I have moved out of the darkness and into a light and “awakened” state, and I unwaveringly hold myself and all others there in my mind’s eye. The excuses I used to make for people (and myself) are gone. I only see the light and I know we will make it there. It’s just a matter of time. So why not start now?
What an honor to be on this path. Please move towards the light. You can do it. And you’re worth it! Namaste.