Reiki Level 1 & 2 with Kyle Roy May 11 & 12th, 2019


Reiki is an incredibly powerful but gentle healing modality that absolutely anyone can learn.What can Reiki do for you? Reiki is a non invasive technique that involves light touch, or if you please, no touching at all to initiate a transfer of healing energy. This beautifully relaxing experience that can be tailored to meet any of your needs and limitations. Reiki is synonymous with Universal Life Force energy and is an integrative therapy that helps any individual find balance, harmony and alignment. As human beings on this amazing planet, we all suffer from a range of issues such as aches and muscle pains, stress related ailments, depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, tension in the physical body, traumas (past or present), physical or emotional abuse, chronic conditions and or diseases. Reiki’s incredible energy brings relief and healing to all levels of our being, and it also initiates your own body’s self healing capabilities. Reiki also serves to deepen our spiritual unfoldment and connects us with the pure love and compassionthat exists within all life, which is an inherent aspect of our being. Once you become attuned (or activated) to Reiki’s amazing energy you will have the ability to deliver healing to yourself and others anytime or anywhere. This beautiful gift can be used to transform your world into a place of serenity and abundance, as pure health is your ultimate birthright in this unbelievable experience we call life on earth.

In this class, students will receive attunements for both Level 1 and 2. They will learn the history of Reiki, the theory, and the Reiki Principles. We will also discuss the evidence proving Reiki’s effectiveness, and I will give you the tools and information regarding membership and registration through the Canadian Reiki Association. After this training, students will be comfortable giving self-care treatments, full treatments on others (learning both hands on techniques and working in the energy field), mental emotional balancing, and distance treatments. There will be sufficient practice time to fully integrate what was learned.  Students will receive a manual, and professional certificates for both levels.

My Name is Kyle Roy, and I’m a Registered Master Reiki Practitioner – Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association. If you have been wanting to become a Reiki Practitioner that can practice in wellness centers, or have your own home practice, this class is absolutely for you! Or if you want to experience the power of Reiki and use it’s amazing healing energy for self care…well…this class is for you too! Anyone from every walk of life can truly benefit from this incredible gift, and absolutely anybody is welcome and can be attuned to this unbelievable energy.

Next Reiki Level 1 & 2 Dates

The following Reiki training’s take place here at Healing Connections:

May 11 & 12, June 15 &16, August 17 & 18, September 14 & 15, November 2 & 3rd, Nov 30 & Dec 1st


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