Reiki Level One Certification with Reiki Master/Teacher Krystle Ash Saturday July 20th & Sunday July 21st 2019

Usui Reiki Ryoho Level One Certification Class – 2 DAY CLASS

You are warmly invited to join this Reiki Level One class led by Reiki Master-Teacher Krystle Ash and to experience the deep peace and inner healing that Reiki brings.

You will spend the 2-day class learning powerful and safe techniques, the history and theory of the system of Reiki, and the Japanese Reiki Techniques. An attunement is given, and there is, as always, plenty of hands on practice time.


This Usui Reiki Ryoho Level One Class:

* is held at Healing Connections (10548 115 St NW)

* is 16 hours long (2 x 8 hours days)

* includes hands on practice of everything taught

* includes time for questions

* includes certificate and professional ICRT manual

* teaches simple meditation practices

* relaxed and in-depth – you will feel confident + comfortable with what you are learning.

* Payment plans are available, please inquire.


This in-depth, grounded and experiential Reiki Level One training is perfect for anyone who feels a call to learn this life-changing Japanese Spiritual Practice.

We focus on learning the Japanese Reiki Techniques and set you up for success as a Reiki practitioner by making sure you understand everything you are learning and feel confident using your new skills.

Learning reiki is a life changing experience. It is a daily practice that has the power to transform you as an individual, while helping you facilitate healing and transformation in those who are also ready and willing to begin the process in themselves. The benefits include deeper connection to source, heightened intuition, greater understanding of who you are, greater sense of compassion and inner peace, and a source of relief from ailments like chronic pain, sleep disorders, mental conditions etc.

Krystle Ash has been facilitating healing with Reiki since 2012 and is a registered Usui Reiki Master-Teacher with the International Association of Reiki Practitioners.



“Krystle is an amazing teacher. Her words are always spoken with such compassion and kindness. The entire two days of training were so very positive. I appreciate her willingness and ability to adapt her style to match what the student requires to learn. I am so very thankful for the wonderful opportunity this weekend. I would highly recommend this training to everyone.” –Tracie Killinger, Reiki Level II Student


“Not only did I learn Reiki from Krystle I also gained invaluable insights, was directed to enriching authors, and guided at every step to develop my own intuitive approach to Reiki. Through these teachings, I have learned to work with energy in amazing ways I never imagined possible.” –Tahnee Collin, Reiki Level I & II Student


“Krystle does a fantastic job! There was the perfect balance between discussion, question + answers and hands on practice. She is thorough and articulate with everything she covers. She takes time to answer questions while at the same time keeping us on track and covering the material that needs to be covered. I would highly recommend Krystle as a Reiki Teacher!” –Robyn Lloyd, Reiki Level I & II Student


“Krystle’s reiki class was an amazing experience, and one that I will always keep close to my heart. Krystle is a beautiful healer, with an incredible amount of wisdom to share. I left the class with a lot of peace in my heart. The reiki healing gave me the ability to heal and move forward with my life’s plans, and to share reiki with others. Highly recommended.” — Linda Szabo, Reiki Level I Student