Rekindling the Black Pearl September 28-30th, 2018

Like a Black Pearl, each woman is a unique feminine gem; precious by nature.


When we unapologetically claim our authentic soul essence, we reveal our true colours to the wold becoming effortlessly powerful, irresistibly magnetic, mysterious and luminous. Our deepest desires can be met when we align with our most intimate truth.



  • Re-connect to your natural feminine sexual essence
  • Super charge your vitality, pleasure and enthusiasm
  • Explore honest communication
  • Practice setting clear boundaries
  • Allow the women in your circle to hold space for you
  • Release shame and guilty around sexuality and pleasure
  • Reclaim your body image
  • Connect body, breath and primal life force energy
  • Increase your capacity for intimate sharing


Facilitator: Sheryl “Dawn Heart Sings” Watson


Friday: 7-10pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm with Sweat Lodge in the evening

Sunday: 10 am-5pm


Early Birth Registration: $295 before Sept 7th, 2018

$345 after September 7th, 2019


For more information or to register:

OR Contact: Sheryl at 604.220.9265 (