Release and Renewal: New Year’s Eve Yoga Retreat Tuesday, December 31st 2019 from 7-10pm

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Yoga flow to LIVE MUSIC, set intentions, meditation/breathwork, restorative/yoga nidra, kombucha cheers to 2020 = A relaxing New Year’s Eve!

Want to wake up in 2020 with killer confidence – instead of a killer hangover?

Join InProv Yoga at the Healing Connections Wellness Centre for Release & Renewal: a New Year’s Eve yoga retreat! New Year’s Eve is a golden opportunity for renewal – why not spend your evening in a space that allows you to release unwanted patterns from years past, setting the stage for personal growth in the upcoming year?


  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class to LIVE MUSIC

We will begin the evening at 7 PM with a yoga flow to the soothing, mesmerizing sounds of live music. You’ll be guided by both the instructor’s voice, and the rhythm of the live music surrounding you, to tune into your body. As you flow through the movements at your own pace, your instructor will offer prompts for letting go – focusing on releasing old, built-up tension in the body and opening yourself up to receive uplifting energy throughout the entire evening.

This class is suitable for all levels. Modifications will be offered.

  • Intention-Setting Workshop

This workshop is all about self-discovery and manifesting those uncovered desires. You will learn meditation/mindfulness and breath work techniques for releasing what no longer serves you, and creating more space for what does. Discover why intentions can be more valuable than “resolutions”. Learn how to identify and clarify your intentions, and create a personal mantra(s) for 2020.

  • Restorative Yoga Class & Yoga Nidra

With our intentions in mind, we will move back into our bodies with a restorative yoga class that will transition into a yoga nidra (“yogic sleep”). You’ll once again be mindfully guided, as you enter relaxing poses that offer a gentle stretch. The yoga nidra portion involves you laying down, getting super, super comfy, and simply following your instructor’s lead as they take you through a deep meditationincorporating breath, the balancing of emotional states, visualization, and self-healing.

This class is suitable for all levels. Modifications will be offered.

  • A Toast to 2020!

Our evening will end at 10 PM with a “CHEERS!” – enjoy some kombucha as we toast to 2020! Wake up in the New Year feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally restored.


Tickets available on Eventbrite

Cost is $80.00 (plus Eventbrite fee)