A Return to your True Nature

If the skin was transparent and we could see through ourselves to a cellular level, I think we would fall so in love and be in such awe of these miracles we’re walking around in!

We would understand the causes and cures of the diseases that plague us.  We would see how responsive the body is-how it acts and reacts to life, to living, to our egos, to our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions.  We would enter into a relationship with ourselves with more heart, more kindness, more depth.

This body is a cirque de soleil performance of the highest magnitude, a never ending balancing act called homeostasis.  It is always, ALWAYS  working to keep everything inside functioning.  Fluids moving this way and that, vitamins, enzymes, minerals being shunted about.  The food you ate today?  It’s being broken down as you’re reading these words.  Your next inhale?  Comes in as oxygen, your next exhale leaving as carbon dioxide.  Everything inside of you  is always seeking balance.  And YOU DON’T HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT! Your body wants to live and the fact that you inhale proves that to be true.


Don’t you love animals?  Ask your dog if she wants to go for a walk.  Oh, the jumping for joy.  The spinning in circles.  The barking.  You can almost hear, “can we go, can we go, are you ready to go, let’s go, let’s move our bodies, lets run around, lets be outside” and then the oh so obvious delight once out there.  She’s living her true nature.  It’s delightful to move the body and your pet shows you that.  Animals walk, they run, they jump, they lay down.  They sit, but not for long periods.  And then there’s us.


Your ancestors and mine hunted, fished, farmed.  They walked.  They hauled water, chopped wood.  We survived because we moved.  Now, because of technological advancement, we sit for long hours at desks, we drive cars, we sit at computers, phones, ipads, televisions.  We just sit.  And because we are sitting to the extent that we do, we are weakening.  Obesity, heart disease, diabetes.  Joint replacements, dysfunctional postures, a plethora of joint pain.  We are weakening and we are forgetting who we are and what we’re here for.

But the body, being the body, always responsive, always trying to live, always trying to find balance continues to function.    It will try to communicate with you.  Illness, disease and pain are signals that your body needs you.  It needs your mind and your heart to help it thrive.


A really well designed yoga practice helps the body return to its inherent physically balanced state. It pulls stress and strain out of you so you can do the more important part of the practice. Just Be.  Be with the thinking, problem solving mind.  Be with your feelings, be with your beliefs.  Have a first hand experience of energy moving through you, in you.  And deeply, deeply, deeply relax.  And feel that part of you, your true nature as joy…..ananda.

It’s true.  You knew it as a baby.  For the most part we all did.  The incredible capacity to just be.  Smiling, giggling, content, resting.  Your true nature.  My little 2 year friend, Bodhi, the other day said, “I’m not big, I’m not small, I’m just Bodhi”.  What a little guru that guy is.  Your aren’t big or small.  You aren’t labels, titles, your memories or your stories.  You are a body and when you move it well, it will be your guide to the inside.  It is anyway.  You just have to follow.

Marthe Murphy teaches structural yoga, goes for long walks and is learning to just be.

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