Ritual for Releasing Negative Energy Written by Sarah Salter Kelly

What you need:
·      Black stone about the size of an egg – lodestone, hematite or pyrite are best
·      Small black cloth
·      Small shovel
·      A place outside to dig a hole
·      Cornmeal
·      Cedar wood or sage
Moon cycle: Waning moon or dark moon
Time of day: Any time will do, though right before sunrise is exceptionally good.
To begin:
Smudge with cedar wood or sage.
Sit in silence for 15 minutes, calling to mind all the heavy energy you are holding and what it relates too.
Engage all of your senses in this process:
·      What does it look like?
·      Smell like?
·      Taste like?
·      Feel like?
·      Sound like?
·      Where does it hang out in your body?
This energy may be putting pressure in certain physical areas or have chords wrapping around you and binding you. Some of these chords may relate to old unresolved wounds or people you need to forgive.
Notice what you are ready to let go of in this moment.
Notice what you are able to forgive
Repeat the following 3x:
“I free myself of anger, hate and judgment.
I let go of, the fear that keeps me stuck in the past or the future.
I clear myself of energy that does not belong to me.
I release my need to be right.
I call in the support I need to heal.
I forgive myself, I forgive everyone, I am free.”
With the Black stone in your left hand, you are going to hold it over the part of your body that holds the most heavy energy. Asking the stone to act like a magnet you will begin to pull the heavy energy into your stone… taking your time as you follow the energy pattern through out your energy field. This might mean holding it and moving it directly on your body, or a few inches away – chords may be tangled throughout your field, head to toe – so trust your intuition, removing all of the weighted ones that you can. You might need to alternate hands with your stone to reach all the parts of your body.
Still holding onto the black stone – you will scrub your body with it starting at the top of your head and working downwards – slowly – as if it were a bar of soap. It will continue to act like a magnet, picking up any energetic pieces of you have forgotten.
When you are finished, gather any remaining energy into your breath and blow three strong breaths into your stone – holding it right against your mouth and breathing from your belly centre.
Wrap the stone in the cloth and smudge yourself again.
Head outside to safe place to plant your stone.
Ask the earth permission to bury your stone and say a prayer:
“Great mother, Pachamama, I offer you this cornmeal as a token of gratitude for all the ways in which you love, nurture and support me. “
-Place hand full of cornmeal on the ground in a circle around the hole you are going to dig, 3 x clockwise.
“This stone carries the heavy energy that is causing suffering in my life. I need your help in transforming it”
-Dig a hole 3x the size of your stone
-Place cornmeal in the hole with 3 small counter clockwise circles – naming what you are letting go of out loud at the same time. Then place stone in the hole, in centre of cornmeal.
-Begin to cover the whole.
“Pachamama, as I place this within you, I call forth what I need to love and forgive myself so I may live in balance with you. Teach me to listen to your voice and heed your call. Show me what you need from me in return. Remind me that holding onto heavy energy prevents me from living with purpose and manifesting my calling. Guide me in serving humanity and living from my heart.”
Once the whole is covered place a cross with cornmeal over top of it.
Take some deep cleansing breaths in and notice your energy field now.
What you have released is now complete. It is up to you to keep it that way.
Black cloth may be smudged and re-used.
If this was helpful for you please share it!
Note: we cannot remove what we have not resolved. If there is heavy energy related to a person or experience that you are unable to forgive that keeps coming back then you work is around asking what you need to do each day to forgive.
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