Sarah Salter Kelly, September’s Featured Practitioner Shaman

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Sarah entered the doors of Healing Connections many moons ago as she was looking for workshop space to offer her shamanic studies.  We have always felt very blessed to have Sarah offering her work and her gifts out of the space.

She is now teaching regularly out of the workshop space on Wednesday evenings and sees her own personal clients on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday mornings.

Sarah is authentic,intelligent, caring, funny, and on a dedicated  path of learning and openness and is teaching us all about this connection that we have to our beautiful earth mother   and the unseen worlds of father sky.   Sarah has woven her personal herstory into a beautiful unfolding of purpose and meaning.  We are very appreciative that Sarah ventures into this city of ours once a week and help support our healing.

With no further adieu please, let me introduce to you Sarah Salter Kelly

How long have you been in the healing arts?

I have been studying personal growth, Shamanism and Energy healing for over 20 years, and began my private practice in the summer of 2007.

Do you have a specific modality?

Shamanism/Spiritual Healing

What type of clients do you like to work with?

Those who are ready to open their hearts and show up – within the session – as well as in the starring role in their lives. Our healing process requires us to take responsibility for who we are, as we align what we discover within, with how we want to live. We need to make changes that generate self-love and healthy relationships. This is an act of bravery and asks for courage, faith and resilience. These are my people.

How do you practice self-care?

Long hot baths, time outside in the wild, drumming & singing, meditation, retreats, being curious about who I am.

What brings you joy?

Giant belly laughs, my husband & family, Dancing outside with wild abandon, climbing to the top of mountain, kayaking or paddle boarding on the water, playing with friends and conversations with God/Source

What is the gift that you bring to the table?

I am great at helping you recognize the unresolved pattern of trauma/conflict/pain in your life and guiding you with Shamanic Journey or ceremony to access the tools you need to resolve this.

Do you have any expectations of your client?

Follow through with your intention, do you homework.

Do you have mentors, or teachers whose teachings you would like to share with us, as we may benefit from their teachings?

The Andean shamanic path is rich with resources for personal empowerment. One of their founding principles is the practice of Ayni, which means to live in a balanced state of reciprocity with everything you are in relation with. They believe you are made of energy and what you are in “relation too” holds energy lines that must be tended – rivers of light – they call them. These connect you to family, community, land as well as your past, present and future. If you are in conflict it is because you are out of Ayni with the “other,” thus it is your job to come into Ayni and cultivate peace – there is no victim and there is no blame. It is a teaching of full responsibility for our energy bodies – and our lives.

What is your prediction for the earth and its inhabitants? Do you think we will make it as a species? Are you optimistic? Or do you think we are doomed?

I believe in humanity. I love us. We are capable of generating miracles when we open to our power and what is present. Fear is the one and only thing that will take us down. We must decide to place our power in rising above fear and victim consciousness – even when it feels impossible – and in this rising connect with what we need to actualize sustainability. We must come home to whom we are and the truth of our lives, free of judgment and shame. In the centre of our own self-acceptance, our own self-love we touch truth, and in this touching we are transformed.