Sarah Salter Kelly Shaman

Life is a dance of reconciling who we are with whom we want to be.


We become tripped up on old wounds and stories  — ideas of what we should be, fears of what might happen if we aren’t, reasons we feel powerless and we get stuck. Sometimes we even leave the dance entirely and if there is no movement, there is no life… we cannot grow without the dance.


What I am great at, is helping you to identify the restraining energy patterns that trap you in what you do not want, or who you do not want to be. These always impact our relationships, our work and sense of connection to spirit. Through awareness of this ‘stuck’ energy, a process unfolds that helps you to transform it.


This may be through the following practices:

Shamanic Healing

Soul Retrieval






Part of my own personal experience in this genre has been learning to heal the brutal homicide of my mother – and in time – make peace with her killer. Being a First Nations Man this led me down a road of understanding the history of generational trauma birthed by colonization in Canada.


I have 20 years experience in personal growth, energy healing and shamanism – inclusive of working with the Q’ero nation in the Andes and traveling up the Amazon to work with Grandmother Ayahuasca over the course of ten years. As a keynote speaker, I have shared my story at First Nations health and wellness conferences, Woman’s conferences, church groups and the Edmonton Woman’s prison — to name a few. My private practice opened in July of 2007 in Pigeon Lake and March of 2017 in Edmonton.


I am in Edmonton at Healing Connections on Weds afternoons or Thursday mornings. Contact me to book a session today at: 1-780-314-9150 or alternately


Sessions are one hour and must be pre-paid via e-transfer or pay pal at the above links as follows:

Shamanic healing  $150 or scale rate of $80-$150 (pay what you can afford within that range)

Soul Retrieval 4-part process $150 or scale rate as above (with the exception of fire ceremony which is full price)

Reiki $80

Tarot $100

Classes – click on appropriate link for information