Self – Awareness and Presence: the Art of Embodiment through Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement Written by Cinnamon Cranston

Embodiment is a state of being wherein a person is awake, listening and responding to the sensations, impulses, needs and feelings happening within their bodies in that particular moment. Our capacity for embodiment is dependent on the degree to which we are capable of being present and self aware in the moment. This can be challenging because our bodies’ nervous systems are designed to be efficient and run on habitual patterns of familiarity. This means that most of us are walking around living out our lives reacting to our current situations from a place of old, past habits, ones we may have lived out repeatedly but are unaware of how to change because we are now forgetful of their origin and the circumstances in which they were originally required and because we have also forgotten how to be present with our body sensations, living mostly within the cognitive narrative of our brain. Rosen Method Movement and Bodywork help people to access other parts of their brain and step out of their “stories” and into the new possibilities within them in the moment.

While some of our neurobiological habits are useful, saving us from having to relearn everything over and over again, other habits, the behaviors we develop as a means to protect ourselves both emotionally and physically from pain, can become inhibiting to us. They can prevent us from moving forward in the ways we would like to in all areas of our life including physical health, emotional wellbeing, intimacy and fulfillment of purpose. Rosen Method Movement classes as well as Self Awareness and Presence workshops offer people the opportunity to become more aware of their bodies’ habitual tensions, ways of living and being in the world and unconscious emotional beliefs that hold them back. Cultivating self–awareness and presence through Rosen Method Bodywork and Movement creates the possibility and opportunity for greater self-expression, vitality and wellbeing, easier physical mobility and inner freedom from past habits.

Rosen Method Movement classes are designed to move the body through a full range of natural movements using all of the joints in the body. The movements are done with ease creating the experience of sensory space within the body. This self-awareness allows participants to differentiate between their unconscious habits of how they carry themselves and the possibility of moving more freely. There are five components within a Rosen Method Movement class: warm up, stretch, circle, across the floor and on the floor. The classes are one hour long. People often feel more relaxed after class, feeling into their muscles more deeply as if they had had a massage or exercised. Marion Rosen, the founder of Rosen Method Movement and Bodywork referred to the movement class as a “work in” rather than a “work out”. Movement teachers are trained to work with their students to notice how they are moving and encourage them to move with more awareness. Another benefit from participating in Rosen Method Movement is the sense of community the kind many of us have not felt since we were in kindergarten when play was how we learned about ourselves and others. For me Rosen movement is remembering in my body experience what it feels like to play.

The Cultivating Self-Awareness and Presence Weekend Workshops are designed to take people through a process of self-discovery by introducing them to the Rosen Method modality for healing and transformation which is founded on the importance of the mind-body connection and the link between our emotions and our physical bearing. In the workshops participants will experience a sacred sharing circle, exercises with touch, demonstrations, discussions, working one on one with other participants to learn the beginner techniques of Rosen Method Bodywork touch and its impact on the recipient and the student practitioner, as well as Rosen Method Movement classes. People often feel more embodied, relaxed and self-aware after the weekend is over and many experience profound shifts within themselves as a result of the work. Rosen Method helps people transform from the person they think they are, to the person they really are.

About the Author

Cinnamon Cranston  Cinnamon Cranston is a certified Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner, R.M.T., and co-owner of the Rosen Method Institute Canada. She has a private practice in Edmonton and can be reached at or work cell: 780-203-5159.