Shadow Harrison, December’s Featured Therapist Deep Tissue Registered Massage Therapist

shadowShadow crossed our doorsteps here at Healing Connections 5years ago.    She works every Wednesday late pm and  into the evening and every other thursday  pm and evening.  Every clinic loves having a therapist that when a client calls and ask for a deep tissue massage , they are able to say ” Yes” we have a great therapist who does deep tissue.

They inevitably ask for assurance that the therapist actually does deep tissue and we are able to absolutely reassure them that yes… Shadow does deep tissue and is able to lighten up her touch if the client calls for that.   Shadow brings professionalism, skill and integrity to our clinic.   We are a better soup of therapists with her contribution and her presence.     With no further adieu… Let us introduce Shadow to you.


Jane Lightbody

Do you have a specific Modality?

-deep tissue massage

What type of clients do you like to work with? 

-chronic cases that have limited ROM & sudden pain and spasms

How do you practice self care? 

-primarily keeping up on my massages, osteo treatments, some exercise & diet

What brings you joy? 

-photography, nature & animals

What is the gift that you bring to the table? 

-to decrease pain and increase ROM

Do you have any expectation of your client? 

-I would like to hope that they maintain some level of self care, but I learned a long time ago not to have any expectations. I have no control over their life outside of the time spent with me.

Do you have mentors, or teachers whose teachings or name you would like to share with us, as we may benefit from their teachings?

-David who showed me back in 1987 that my friends were right in my ability to do massage. Roanne Rivet, who showed and convinced me that I could find ways to give massage around permanent injuries so I didn’t have to give it up altogether.