Shamanic Energy Healing May Change Your Life & All Life

We have all experienced the surprise twists, rollercoaster rides, low points and challenges in our human experience that have shaped us, for better or worse, and we often carry energetic baggage, limiting beliefs, and wounded perspectives forward into our lives:

“Life does not love and support me”  “I am unloveable”  “I will never be good enough”  “I am not worthy of…”  (You know the stories you tell yourself that do not serve you!)

Our subconscious minds are reprogrammed in those universal moments of pain and we often create mechanisms for protecting ourselves from ever experiencing these wounds again, even if it compromises our ability to love ourselves, to love others, to take risks, and experience life to its’ very fullest potential.

We just do not want to face our pain and shadows, feel our emotions fully, or experience being hurt again.

Instead of having the courage to face our pain and wounds, we often ignore them by not listening to what they are here to teach us, and they persist in our cellular memory, growing into energy blockages, and overtime creating dis-ease and negative cycles based on the limiting beliefs that manifested from our original wound.  We often discover that we need to start listening, to face our pain, to become more self-aware, and to begin our healing journey.

The ancient lineages of shamanism from around the world share a spiritual philosophy as well as techniques that can offer healing that transforms people’s lives.  Although each tradition has its own unique approach, the foundations of shamanism are essentially the same:

All Wounds Have Roots

It is the role of a medicine person to effectively track your issue back to its original root cause in time-space and initiate healing from that origin.  For instance, you may believe that your issue is purely physical and in your body, yet upon tracking, it may have a root in an emotional event early in your childhood, or perhaps another lifetime, that requires addressing.  In our western medical system, we are often taught to address surface issues with a pill that may dampen the symptoms rather than heal the issue at its very root cause.  Shamanic healing aims to heal the root cause, and when this is achieved, the results are transformational.

Time-Space Is Circular 

Most people have adopted the consciousness that the world is round, but that was not always the case.  Shamanic practitioners have always viewed time-space as non-linear, but rather multi-dimensional, circular, and all happening NOW.  For all you Dr. Who fans out there, the Doctor explains that

“People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint – it’s more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly… time-y wimey… stuff!” 

This means that when we choose to heal right now, we are actually healing all versions of our multi-dimensional self in time-space; our past lives, our future lives, and everything in between.  It is challenging to truly understand the ripples that occur when we choose to heal.

Healing Is For All My Relations & Mother Earth

Intertwined with the concept of time-space, is the idea that we heal “for all our relations.”  In most aboriginal traditions, this involves seven generations in the past and into the future, but why stop there?  Imagine that your healing not only heals your blood relatives in your lineage, but our Earth family and your spiritual family as well, for all time!  Considering all the Oneness teachings from every tradition, we are all interconnected, so when one person heals, they influence the web of Life.

We are seeing a great deal of war and conflict in our world these days, but what are you doing to create inner peace and alignment in yourself?  Taking this concept further, if you can see that the human body is a microcosm of this Earth, whatever you can do to heal your body from dis-ease, energy blocks, toxins, neglect and abuse, you are directly healing Mother Earth in the process.   Any stagnant energies that you free up in a healing session are transmuted and composted back into love and light.

Shamanic energy healing is a way to be the change you wish to see in the world!

You Are Empowered To Heal Your Life

Shamanic healers are here to guide and support you on your healing journey, however it is YOU who is empowered to do “the work” in order to create lasting change in your life.  The energy medicine and plant medicine will support you in your healing intent and will meet you where you are at in your consciousness.  There is an infinite potential for energetically healing the past, present and future when people are ready and receptive to experience alchemy of change.  Whatever you believe is possible for you on your healing journey, is possible!  Alternately, if you doubt your own healing is possible, do not believe in miracles, surround yourself with negative people with toxic thoughts, and are not committed to doing what it takes to embrace change and approach your life from a new perspective, you are equally able to sabotage your own ability to live life beyond your wounds.

Healing is a choice and it is up to you.

You Are Supported By Spirit

Whatever you see your Creator to be, is supporting your evolution every step of the way, as he/she deeply desires that you align with your divine potential you were gifted this lifetime to share!  Your Higher Self, your Spirit guides, your ancestors, your angels, your star being family are all here for you, and all you need to do is ask for their presence and guidance in your life.  They require your invitation, as they are instructed to not interfere with our free will choice by natural law.  We need to cultivate the faith that we are heard and supported every time we pray, and that we are never alone on our journeys, even if our eyes may not see the love that surrounds us at all times.

In every shamanic energy healing session, you are surrounded by your dream team of support from the Upper World working with and guiding the healer before you in sacred space.

Are You Ready To Rise Above?

If you find yourself cycling in repetitive life patterns (bad habits, addictions, attracting the same types of people and situations), have felt difficulty letting go in all life’s transitions (career/job, union/separation, death, new identity), have let fear rather than love rule your life, or experience low energy, dis-ease, or a sense of feeling “stuck”- perhaps it is time to track the absolute root cause of your issue and heal it with shamanic energy healing and enjoy living life from the freedom of a healed perspective.

What I know is that your future Self is grateful that you chose to love yourself enough to heal NOW and begin living the life of your dreams (and All Your Relations in time-space and Mother Earth thank you too!)

Blessings on your Journey!

About the Author:

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer

OliviaOlivia is a passionate woman rising to fulfill her evolutionary potential by following her heart’s calling to fully embrace the shamanic healer, ecstatic temple dancer, priestess and messenger archetypes within her soul.  Upon receiving her medicine name, Fire Phoenix Dancer, she has been on her own healing journey, which has awakened her ability to hold sacred space for people to navigate their own healing and transformation processes.  She is under the guidance of Algonquin medicine man, Pete Bernard of The 8th Fire ( and his teachings and healing ways have transformed her life completely.  It is her joy and purpose to compassionately guide and empower you to courageously let go of what is not serving you and consciously create the life you want to live.  She is honoured to be joining the Healing Connections family of practitioners and is here to serve you.
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