She Transforms – Sisters of Edmonton Unite! October 29th from 7-9pm

A transformational, expansive, and deeply connective event for women who areeager to express themselves unapologetically and authentically. I specifically designed this immersive experience to enliven the senses and activate all layers of your being. Come to raise your vibration, fill your body with breath, and dance likeno one is watching. Now is your time to release the shackles of your insecurities,self doubt and fear, so you can reclaim and embody your power fully. I’ll be with you every step of the journey. Join us!


About Galina

My name is Galina and I am a Life Coach, Retreat and Workshop Facilitator. I artfully combine Yoga, Dance,

Breathwork, and Meditation to create a multi-dimensional experience of transformation. I am dedicated to helping women struggling in life to take radical self-responsibility in reclaiming their full power and living without limits.You are worthy and deserving to live life on your terms. Take my hand, I will guide you back home to your true self.

We will drink Sacred Cacao!

What people are saying
Galina cultivates a beautiful environment that allows a diverse group of women to gather and feel safe in their authentic expression. Its truly magical, I feel lighter and energized after I leave.

Galina creates a wonderful space where I feel welcome and not judged. It feels extremely powerful. The space is safe and mature. She is an excellent facilitator and a lovely woman.


Price: 50$

I will offer a sliding scale in price. If you want to come but you cant afford it, let me know, and I will work with you.

Cell: 6472049470
Facebook: Galina Sivert
IG: gala.empowers