SOUL RETRIEVAL CEREMONY Saturday, November 23, 2019 9:00 AM 4:00 PM


During times of loss, grief, illness, or extreme trauma, a portion of our light, our essence, retreats and protects itself in the depths of Mother Earth, Pachamama. This ceremony helps to call back the missing pieces so that you may be whole again.

Through the process of Soul Retrieval we learn: How and why the soul piece left, what contracts were made, what it will take to have that lost piece return to us, what gifts we’ve been neglecting, and what animal ally is waiting to help us.

This is an active ceremony. You will be joining me as we journey to engage and learn from the soul piece. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of the soul piece and engage in a healing dialogue.


  • Loss of vitality or passion about life

  • Depression, listlessness, or a feeling that something is missing in life

  • Difficulty with focusing attention on the task at hand

  • An overly active mind – inability to control a continuous, random stream of thoughts – which often leads to insomnia or nightmares

  • Addictions to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco as a means of escape

  • Loss of memory about a period of your life

  • Unhealthy or unnecessary compulsions

  • A sense of multiple personalities showing up under different conditions

  • Disconnection, or disassociation leading to feelings like the world is passing by without  you, or unusually selfish behavior,, or a sense of wondering or not knowing why you’re alive

  • Chronic feelings of shame, low self esteem, or lack of self-confidence.


  • Learn about your energetic anatomy, and how they relate to soul loss.

  • How to clear heavy energies from your field to prepare for the Soul Retrieval Ceremony.

  • How to map the soul, and how to take the journey to the chambers of the soul.

  • A group journey where I will guide you through the process of visiting and healing lost soul parts.

  • A fire ceremony where we will release anything that needs to be set free.

  • A group potluck after our fire ceremony.

  • All materials provided (workbook, and healing tools).

  • Refreshments and snacks also provided.


Garrett McCoy is a Shaman & Energy Medicine Practitioner. Using earth-based healing techniques and wisdom, he helps people to understand the root cause of their stress, fears, and anxieties. Garrett regularly works with people in one-on-one healing sessions, and in workshops where he teaches others how to apply earth-based wisdom teachings to their lives.




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