Strengthening Your Heart and Vascular System by Michele Bourgeois

heartGiving and Receiving Life – Love

Humanity has come to a point now where many of us are drawn to some form of mindfulness meditation, visualization or breathing practices for our physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. Through these practices we can learn to balance and heal the connections between our thoughts, emotions, and physical health.

Guided self healing meditations can support you to use your innate healing power to mindfully connect with the mind-body intention of each body system such as the heart and vascular system. Holistic health practitioners can also benefit from utilizing a mindful connection to the body systems as they work with their clients.

Firstly, we need to understand what the heart and vascular system is responsible for. The heart is referred to by many healers of ancient and more modern healing modalities as the master of the body, mind and spirit.

When the heart is in its natural healthy, loving and coherent mode, the rest of the body will come into whole health and balance. When we understand how the heart and circulatory system operates in the body, we can more consciously bring whole health through this system into any area of the body that needs healing. The main intention of the cardiovascular system is to Give and Receive Life and Love.

The heart is master of the body, mind and spirit and has a powerful connection to our psyche and emotions. For that reason we really have to go beyond thinking of it in a mere physical sense.

Because the heart is responsible for blood circulation, it is capable of sending signals via the blood to all other body systems and right into the cells. The signals vary in nature such as pressure waves, heat, light, electrical and magnetic signals as well subtle emotional energy signals.

The heart receives information from the environment first, even before the brain does. The heart has its own nervous system that can sense, feel, remember and process information independent from the brain. It is modulated by emotional patterns that become imprinted on its magnetic field. In fact, your heart is your emotional home. It is the generator of all emotions. Your passion, fear, hurt, joy, gratitude, yearnings, anger and all these emotions are expressed from the heart throughout the mind and body.

The understanding of this intricate web of bioelectrical energy fields and their relationship to our health and wellbeing is at the cutting edge of scientific study.

As discussed in The Living Matrix, a film on the new science of healing, the heart functions with emotional intelligence (2009). Stress, emotions, painful events, and losses can affect the vital flow of our blood through our heart and circulatory system. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, or any other type of disease, you may want to consider how the function of your heart and circulatory system are affected.

Why is it important to understand this? Because if the heart can do all this—carry and contain emotions—how can it not be affected physically by what we feel and do in our lives? In addition, does it mean that these emotions that affect the heart then get pumped through the body via the blood circulation? Perhaps we have always suspected this on some level. That’s why we’ve heard things like “she died of a broken heart” or “my heart is overwhelmed with grief”. When we experience conflict, abuse, hurt or loss, there is a potential for us to close down our hearts and emotionally lock out others and even ourselves. We may even feel we don’t need love as we experience a lack of trust, or when we feel uncaring, prejudiced, shallow, hateful and or fearful. If you have ever felt these deep emotions you may understand that the physical body struggles to cope with the weight and energy of negative emotion. Noted author Louise Hay even goes so far as to assert that heart problems suggest long-standing emotional issues such as lack of joy, or holding onto strain and stress (1998).

Dr. Andrew Weil, the author who champions integrative medicine, expresses a similar belief that the people most at risk of heart attack are those who cannot give and receive love in a nurturing way (1995).

If you’re finding it hard to grasp the concept of the heart’s spiritual and emotional influence, think about this: One of the most important medical achievements of our time is the successful heart transplant. While it was indeed an amazing scientific feat, this treatment really captured our imaginations as we learned that the recipient of the heart transplant often experiences the emotions of the donor. It was the first concrete proof that this vital organ did more for us than just pump blood. (Shapiro 2006, Pearsall 1998)

A guided meditation done with loving attention through the heart and vascular system can help support this system to return to its original pure healthful way of being. It can bring the system’s main intention of giving and receiving pure life and love into balance and strength.

About the Author

Michele Bourgeois is a visiting therapist at Healing Connections. More info about Michele here.

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