Cows and Horses Yoga by Marthe Murphy, RMT, RYT (500)


horsesandcowsYou are driving down a country road one day and you see cows and horses in the field. What is the one position you don’t EVER see them in…(shouldn’t say ever, you might see this but very rarely)……..Give Up?

SITTING!!! You don’t see cows and horses having tea in the field! Right? What about cats and dogs. They walk, they run, they lay down. They sit, but not for long periods of time. What about your ancestors? Mine fished, farmed, walked everywhere, hauled water. They weren’t sitting. Survival depended upon moving. Animals know this too. Your very health depends on your ability to move! When we stop moving, our body becomes congested. Acids build up in the muscles making them stiff and sore, our body slows it’s ability to remove toxins. Digestion is impaired. We gain weight. And then the mind becomes listless, heavy, tired.   Injury is more likely to occur and takes much longer to recover.

Don’t you love watching Fido when you ask him if he wants to go for a walk? OH the EXCITEMENT! The jumping for joy, the barking, the turning in circles. Moving feels OH SO GOOD.

So be like Fido and come move your body. It doesn’t have to hard, or painful.   You can start where your body is at and gradually help it (and your mind) to be more clear, more vital, more youthful, more alive.

Structural Yoga Therapy works with each person where they are at, finding the position that they can best work in. Standing, sitting, lying down, kneeling. Unravelling stress, strain and pain from body and mind with movement, with breathing, with relaxing. It’s fun, it’s effective, it’s yoga.

Marthe Murphy has been teaching movement therapy since 1997.

She is offering at free Intro class at Healing Connections on August 10th, 2015 and will start regular classes in the fall. More info on this excellent class here.