Sue Stuparek, November’s Featured Practitioner Palliative Outcall Massage Therapy & AromaTouch

I met Sue many over a hundred moons ago at an aromatherapy course taught by Laurie and Robert  Rogers.  We were both in the healing arts and fell in love with the medicinal, therapeutic and healing qualities of essential oils. It was a gift  to learn from such knowledgeable teachers as Laurie and Robert.    Over time Sue became my Massage therapist , then  we became colleagues once I began my massage training always sharing the love of oils and the interest and concern for our older vulnerable population and their nearing the end of life care.   Sue has done lots of training with Rayne Johnson. I approached Sue and asked her if she would be willing to offer her services under our umbrella of modalities at Healing Connections.

I believe there is a desperate need for the services that Sue offers and I also am very honored  to be able to offer this service to yourself or a loved one. Her services are not just for end of life but also for those that are struggling with ongoing illness and may be in a vulnerable state.  There is an art to gentle, respectful , healing touch for our elders and if this is something that you would like to explore or offer to a member of your family, please contact us and we can arrange to have Sue to visit your home with her table.

We have compiled a  list of questions for each of our practitioners.  Questions that we hope give you a better understanding of who they are and who is behind the face and hands.   Touch is personal.    Allow yourself the discernment to choose a touch therapist that you trust and who can benefit you.

Warmly,    Jane Lightbody

Will no further ado… Let us introduce to you  to Sue Stuparek.


How long have you been in the Healing Arts?

Since 1993 or earlier actually. In the 80’s, I was curious about music therapy. I didn’t have a thorough music background as required. Instead, I learned reflexology before taking massage therapy at Grant MacEwan College in 1993. A variety of modality studies followed including Reiki, CranioSacral therapy and lymphatic drainage.

Do you have a specific Modality? 

After my dad died in 2005, I was curious about end of life work and grief support.  This led me to palliative massage. Since then, I’ve taken workshops and courses in bereavement, contemplative practices at end of life and yoga for grief support. I have a MacEwan University certificate in Compassionate Care for the Terminally Ill. I have experience with palliative clients in their homes, in hospital and hospices, bringing my massage table if needed. Otherwise, we adapt to circumstances and surroundings.

In addition, after taking a few general interest courses, I studied and received a certificate in aromatherapy in 2000. I created blends under my own label. Currently, I also specialize in essential oil therapy and offer AromaTouch body treatments using doTERRA oils.

What type of clients do you like to work with? 

Mostly in the past, my practice has filled with women. Currently though, with palliative massage, any age, though mostly my clients are seniors.

How do you practice self care?

Yoga. Connecting to my breath. Walking. But probably not enough self care.

What brings you joy? 

Watching my cats stretch their bodies and toes, and squeeze their eyes tight after a long snooze; listening to their purrs with my ear against their furry bodies; watching birds feed and fly around my garden and interact with each other all year ’round; seeing new growth and flower buds on my plants, outdoors and indoors.
It’s the simple things in life.

What is the gift that you bring to the table?

My passion for spending time with seniors as their lives wind down and they live moment by moment. Each day can be a gem. Watching this gives me pause to also slow down and be present. Our elders truly are our teachers.

And I love to laugh. I bring humour to many situations. I feel laughter connects us all in such a real and humbling way.

Do you have any expectation of your client?

To make time for themselves.
To do their part of opening up to me for their care and what their health care goals are, be they physical, emotional, spiritual.

Do you have mentors , or teachers whose teachings or name you would like to share with us, as  we may benefit from their teachings?

A friend and colleague of mine, Rayne Johnson – local Death Doula, green burial advocate and end of life specialist. “Get thee to her workshops!”

Dr Atul Gawande – book/audio book “Being Mortal”. American palliative doctor writes  of opening honest conversations with the dying and families. Lovely man who shares his personal stories of growth.

What is your prediction for this earth and its inhabitants?
Do you think we will make it as a species?  Are you optimistic? or do you think we are doomed? 

Interesting questions….my answers to these questions, honestly, would change according to the day, the week, the month and even the year that I’m experiencing. The older I’ve become and the more I see…the good, the bad, the ugly, the divine….we all ride the wave of uncertainty.  For me today, it is finding grace in each moment.

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