Thai Hand Reflexology & Massage Thursday Oct 24 | 9AM - 5PM


ITM School of Chiang Mai Teacher & Practitioner 15 years of teaching experience 

Hand Reflexology is an exceptionally relaxing treatment to receive and provides the recipient with the chance to unwind fully.  The wonderful thing about giving a Thai Hand Reflexology treatment is that you can treat someone virtually anywhere.  It is a safe, natural healing art that you can also use to treat yourself.

Thai Hand Reflexology is empowering, because whether someone suffers from irritable bowel syndrome, sinusitis, headache, or needs relief from stress, it can help.This technique can be used as an alternative to Foot Reflexology – if someone has a foot injury, are badly infected with fungal infection, have broken bones in the foot, amputated foot or even if they have ticklish feet.  Some people don’t like having their feet touched at all.

In this course, students will:

  • Learn the benefits of Thai Hand Reflexology
  • Review of the aspects of the hands for landmarking Reflexology points
  • Learn how to use a wooden Thai Reflexology tool to stimulate 22 Reflexology points on the Palm of the hand that relate to various organs and systems of the body
  • Learn how to do a 30-minute Thai Hand Reflexology Massage to warm up the hand that will also soothe over-worked or arthritic hands


Early Bird Tuition: $295+GST when paying by March 1, 2020; After March 1: $350
Accredited for: 5.0 NHPC Con. Ed. Credits / CRMTA Credits Pending