The Happy, Well-Fed Artist Book Tour with Best Selling Author, Katie Curtin Tuesday, June 25th 2019 from 7-10 pm

This lively event will inspire you to get your creative project off the ground and out into the world! Follow your artistic dreams!

Canadian author Katie Curtin, is on tour across the US, Canada and Mexico, following the publishing of her latest book, The Happy Well-Fed Artist Creative Workbook: 90 days from Concept to Showcase.

In this evening event, Katie will read from “The Happy Well-Fed Artist” books, perform some of her much loved “artist rants,” and open up the stage for other local artists, in a celebration of arts, creativity and change making.

For all of you who want to take your creative talents to the next level, you will find this evening filled with down-to-earth wisdom and tips about creativity and making a living as an artist, along with laughter and connection.

Copies of Katie’s books, The Happy Well-Fed Artist and The Happy Well-Fed Artist Workbook: 90 Days From Concept to Showcase will be available for purchase

Assorted herbal teas and colorfully delicious treats provided!


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