The Soap Works Glycerin soaps

SoapWorks makes natural and therapeutic soaps. We strive to make a quality bar with no shortcuts and minimal wasteful packaging. All our products must be biodegradable. With the two exceptions of Safe bleach and Bentonite Clay Facial Powder, everything we make is a soap; that distinguishes us from products that are “derived” from natural ingredients; if it doesn’t say “soap”, it is probably a detergent.

The Soap Works was started by Bob and Mike. Both had sensitive skin easily irritated by mass market soaps and washes. In the 1980’s they formed The Soap Works starting with a few basic soaps. Back then health food stores sold herbs and ingredients for brewing teas, and had bead curtains. Staff considered themselves “hippies” and “earth mamas”. Our original logo was a market scale because we sold our soaps exclusively by weight. We still make our original bulk glycerin recipe and it remains one of our most popular soaps.

We make soap in a variety of ways. We select the process to maximize the effectiveness of the soap. We use a cold process to make our Goat Milk soap because we use fresh, fluid whole goat milk; this process ensures that all the goodness in the goat milk is never “cooked” out. Some soaps, like our Sea Salt soap, require an accelerated process as the bars form so quickly that they must be cut within hours of mixing; other soap bars need to cure in order to firm up for extended use.

$2.55 each

These products are available in our Retail Therapy Store at Healing Connections:
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