The True Power of Home written by Nora Bouz

How does your home make you feel?

Does it lift your spirit and calm your mind? Does it soothe your soul and make your heart sing?

Our home should be an authentically beautiful place that reflects who we truly are, tell our story and nurture our body, mind and soul.

When it comes to beauty, our true and individual taste is undeniably influenced by who we are, our subjective experiences, strong memories, and our geographic and cultural backgrounds. In most cases, these biases and nuances are unconscious.

When design aligns our homes with who we are and our true sense of beauty, beyond the trend, our homes become emotionally healthy environments that elevate the state of our wellbeing.

Here is how you can start to transform your home into a healthy place for you and your family:

Physical Healthy

• Make sure you and your family are breathing clean, fresh air. Invest in a good air cleaning system and humidifier, and maintain them regularly

• Off-gases from finishing products, furniture, carpets, etc. might pollute the air you’re breathing. Use natural products that are VOC and chemical free.

• Maximize the use of spaces that receive natural light, and use light fixtures that provide a source of lighting relevant to the function.

• Eliminate any unpleasant sounds, whether the humming of a light bulb, a fridge, or any other equipment.

Emotional Health

Our longing for authenticity and self-expression is rooted in our humanity. We cannot be emotionally healthy if we don’t express ourselves, and our home is the place to start. More than ever, we are influenced by everything around us: the media, trends, social environment, etc. Only when we stop listening to the outside world and start listing inward, can we rediscover what truly is beautiful and meaningful to us.

Meeting our needs

How many people look into creating a space in their home that increases creativity or strengthens their intimate romantic lives? How many consider the use of colour to promote focus where kids do their homework? These functions might be more important than having plenty of storage or dedicated dining room.

Today, we have unlimited access to experts, knowledge and technology; we can use, colour, space planning, materials, forms, textures, patterns, art, gadgets, etc., to create spaces that support the functions we need.

With 12% of Canadians suffering from anxiety and 20% with one type or another of mental illness, not to mention the increase of physical illnesses due to lifestyle, it is now the time to act by transforming your home into an authentic place that promotes and maintains all aspects of your wellbeing.

About the Author

Nora Bouz  Adv. Dip. HID, BA, CPM

Founder of Lucida, Wellbeing by Design & Holistic Interior Designer