Veveea Souza Tarot Reader, Astrologer, and Transformational Soul Life Coach

Accessing information with the Tarot is just one way to connect to a person’s energetic information.

Veveea Souza comes from a long lineage of readers, and of psychically sensitive and intuitive people.

Veveea Souza’s Tarot linage comes from her maternal, Hungarian-born grandfather. She started reading Tarot professionally around 2005 but the cards have been with her as part of her life and transformative journey for decades. Her first deck was given to her as a gift by her sister who saw in her the desire to take a step in the direction of energy work and somehow knew that the cards-of-truth, as some call them, were a part of her path. In each session, Veveea calls upon her lineage to help access the ancient and ancestral information of her clients so that they may get the guidance they need for their highest good and greatest healing.

Over the years Veveea has witnessed that her readings are not just about a client receiving information about a question. Her sessions lead not only to greater awareness but also to energy being released and to healing in the person’s being and situation.

Veveea began her professional journey in the Intuitive Healing Arts in 2004 when she started taking courses and classes in energy work.  She learned energy anatomy and studied different modalities in rapid belief reprogramming. She is trained in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Psychology Kinesiology (Psych-K©).  She started using these tools along with others such as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Theta Healing in her coaching practise to help people move through limiting beliefs to support them to change patterns of being stuck.

In 2016 she embarked on the journey of learning Astrology and is proud to announce that she is offering sessions for clients reading birth charts. Although, she is far from done studying this vast field of fascinating knowledge, she is now incorporating it into her offerings to her clients.

Veveeah practices non-judgement and offers a space of compassion and understanding for her clients. She holds the highest intention for healing and that each session delivers the best information for their greatest good.

“In the years since I first started practising my “trade” I has learned a lot, such as nothing is permanent, everything changes – always! And that to resist this change often creates more troubles for us than is desired. Having that right and proper guidance at the exact time is valuable, especially in those moments of change or in the uncertainty that that change can bring, is worth its weight in gold!” Veveeah Souza




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