Viviane Forest Registered Massage Therapist

Viviane retired from professional alpine ski racing  in 2013. She had a successful career winning  Canada 7 medals from 3  Paralympic Games, many World Cup and World Championship Titles.

YouTube video of Viviane here.

Viviane speaks fluent French.

Viviane is a licensed massage therapist (RMT). She enjoys working with a  diverse range of people. In consultation with you she offers relaxation  massage, deep tissue work, injury rehab and jade stone massage.

She is  sensitive to your individual needs. Viviane has helped many obtain their treatment  goals including high performance athletes, seniors, and  people with physical disabilities such as spinal cord injury, amputation and cerebral palsy.

Some health conditions like cancer, diabetes and  various injuries require close attention to contra-indicators so that comfort and optimum healing can occur.

Viviane believes that massage therapy provides relief to stiff and sore  muscles that results in the alleviation of common chronic and acute  problems. She works to facilitate and strengthen the body’s natural  defences and healing power.


Viviane’s fees: $80 for one hour, $120 for 1.5 hours.