Reiki, Energy and Intuitive Healers

Energy and spiritual healing works on subtle levels to clear ingrained patterns and restrictions and enliven new ways of being in the world.

Caroline Haverkort
Coleen Gallaher
Joshua Carter
Kylen Sabey
Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer 
Patricia Dennis

Caroline Haverkort, iRest and Reiki

For Caroline, the teachings of Yoga, iRest®/Yoga Nidra and energy-based healing (Reiki) have become deeply rooted in her way of living since 1996. She brings an embodied understanding of the profoundly transformative potential of each of these traditions to her work with clients.

iRest®/Yoga Nidra is a complete and deeply experiential practice of self-discovery, offering mental, emotional and spiritual integration. Caroline will guide you on a meditative journey into the world of the senses, inviting you through dialogue into a gentle process of exploration of the self-limiting thoughts, beliefs or memories that keep you from living your life aligned with your deepest longing.

The deep relaxation that results from bringing awareness to body and breath allows those hidden blocks to come to the surface. The tools inherent in the practice itself teach you how to transform and release them.

“You will discover for yourself, as I have, that the power of welcoming—rather than resisting—our experiences is the key to living life from a place of authenticity and spontaneity,” adds Caroline. “If you can bring a sense of openness and curiosity, welcoming and accepting yourself as you are, then I offer a safe and caring space where we can dive in and explore together.”

Caroline’s fees: iRest®/Yoga Nidra: $75 for 1 hr, $112.50 for 1.5 hrs.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. – Rumi

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Coleen Gallaher, Reiki, Reflexology, Grace Touch Technique

Each of us has the wisdom and ability to heal ourselves. When we are able to listen, we know what we need most to change stressful, unhealthy conditions and restore ourselves to experience vibrant, vital living. Sometimes, however, we need help to strengthen our connection with our own inner life force, to access our own wisdom and to activate our own healing potential. Coleen uses all of the knowledge and skills available to her to powerfully assist and facilitate her client’s revitalizing potential. She does this by bringing her client’s body/mind/spirit to a state of deep relaxation and balance. That is the core and essential secret of using energy techniques for returning to renewed health and vitality.

Coleen is a seasoned energy practitioner with over 20 years experience in energy based healing approaches. She focuses on Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Flow Alignment and Connection, Reflexology and Grace Touch Technique. Through her practice, she creates a safe and supportive space where anything that needs to and is ready to heal, can. Coleen has also studied Shamanism, Yoga, Hakomi, Awakening Your Light Body, Flow Alignment and Connection, and Core and Cellular Healing. She incorporates the wisdom of Shamanism, Yoga, Hakomi, as well as other energetically based techniques into each client session for unique and powerful treatments.

Coleen’s fees: Reflexology: $80 for 1 hr, $120 for 1.5 hr Reiki:  $80 for 1 hr, $120 for 1.5 hr Grace Touch Technique: $80 for 1 hr, $120 for 1.5 hr

Coleen’s energetic work has been able to reach into the deepest areas with subtle sensitivity. At the same time, I have felt held by the steady and competent way in which she grounds her work, allowing me to unravel, to integrate, and to heal.

Matthew van der Giessen

Joshua Carter, Massage Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner

015If you want to take care of your health, Joshua will offer you relief, support and encouragement.  He helps you maintain and improve your well being through self-awareness and freedom from emotional and physical limitations.

Joshua graduated from Grant MacEwan’s Massage Therapy Diploma Program in 2007.  He trained in a number of bodywork modalities including Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), Myofascial Release Technique (MRT), Trigger Point Therapy, sports massage, hydrotherapy, pregnancy massage, infant massage, geriatric massage, relaxation, and therapeutic massage.

Joshua is also trained in CranioSacral therapyReiki, and shamanic healing.

In 2008, he joined the dynamic team at Healing Connections Wellness Centre. He is registered with the National Health Practitioners of Canada. Joshua is also trained in CranioSacral therapy, since 2010 and Reiki, since 2012. He has discovered great value in being able to meet each client in their present moment, using a variety of techniques. Working with the joints, muscles, connective tissues, fluid, craniosacral rhythm and even energetic bodies.

In 2013 he began a transformational journey by studying shamanic healing in the Algonquin tradition of The 8th Fire Inc. Although it was his desire to bring new tools to his clients, the process began as one of profound self-healing. Joshua has worked with healing his past traumas, limited beliefs and such personal issues as depression and anxiety. He is grateful for these teachings and this opportunity to share this work with his clients.

“My long-term goal is to learn more about the mind and body connection and its relevance to massage therapy, so I can better help individuals attain and maintain their optimal health and well being,” says Joshua.

Joshua’s fees: Massage therapy, CranioSacral, Shamanic Healing, Lymph Drainage: $65 for 0.75 hrs, $80 for 1 hr, $120 for 1.5 hrs, $160 for 2 hrs Lymph Drainage massage:  $80 for 1 hr

Joshua is available for online booking.


Kylen Sabey, Bioenergy Practitioner

1st edit bio (1)I first became fascinated with the healing arts at the age of 12. Through my teens, I developed intuitive abilities, read many books and practiced healing techniques with family. I finally mustered the courage to express my talents while in college in my hometown, Edmonton, AB. During this time, my skill and passion for healing developed and I took a more professional stance.

The desire to study further in energy healing brought me to ​​Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing in Vancouver, BC in March of 2012. From then on, my life was completely transformed. I became certified in 2013 and became a Bio-Energy teacher immediately afterwards. I am committed to living, breathing, learning and giving in the healing arts. This work makes my soul soar!

Since receiving certification in Bio-Energy Healing, I have also studied with Angela Prider of White Bone Shamanic Arts, as well as Jackie A. Carter in order to develop my skills further. I have incorporated some of these techniques into my practice but remain largely focused with Bio-Energy techniques. I intend to continue my studies at every opportunity, as well as open the door for those interested in beginning their journey as a healer. If anything were more exciting than seeing a client return to full health, it would be watching a fellow healer’s skills develop – and to learn from every student I teach.

As a practitioner, I deal most successfully with anxiety, depression, digestive issues, back/neck/shoulder pain and PTSD. However, I have treated a wide range of issues that can be discussed at the time of treatment. I take a no-nonsense, direct approach to energy healing, meaning the work I do is relayed to the client in the cleanest way possible. I want each client to walk away with a greater understanding of themselves and tools to improve their everyday experience. I want each client to be pain free, joyous and enjoying the great abundance of the Universe. I want each client to be smiling from the soul every day!

Bio-Energy Healing Prices:
Single 1 hour session: $90.00
Course of 5 sessions: $400.00

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer,  Shamanic Healing


Olivia is a passionate woman rising to fulfill her evolutionary potential by following her heart’s calling to fully embrace the shamanic healer, ecstatic temple dancer, priestess and messenger archetypes within her soul.  Upon receiving her medicine name, Fire Phoenix Dancer, she has been on her own healing journey, which has awakened her ability to hold sacred space for people to navigate their own healing and transformation processes.  Her purpose is to inspire people to be who they were meant to be through her authentic embodiment of her I AM presence.  It is her joy and purpose to compassionately guide and empower you to courageously let go of what is not serving you and consciously create the life you want to live!

Through her transformational journey with her mentor and teacher, Algonquin medicine man Pete Bernard  (, Olivia has discovered that there is an infinite potential for energetically healing the past, present and future when people are ready and receptive to experience alchemy of change.  Whatever you believe is possible for you on your healing journey, is possible!

If you find yourself cycling in repetitive life patterns (bad habits, addictions, attracting the same types of people and situations), have felt difficulty letting go in all life’s transitions (career/job, union/separation, death, new identity), experience low energy, dis-ease, or a sense of feeling “stuck” in your life- perhaps it is time to track the absolute root cause of your issue and heal it with shamanic energy healing and enjoy living life from a healed perspective.

“In the end, only three things matter:  how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of the things not meant for you.” ~ Buddha

Olivia ~ Fire Phoenix Dancer shares her insights and offerings, which include shamanic energy healing, kundalini dance, guided meditations, ceremonies, conscious events and retreats at:

Olivia’s services
Shamanic Healing

1 hour $88
90 minutes $133
Couples session $122 p
3 session package $222
5 session package $333
10 session package $666

Olivia is available for online booking.

Patricia Dennis, Intuitive Reader and Healer

patriciaShe is an instructor of the teachings of the Greater Mysteries and an instructor of Intuitive Healing and Medical Intuition and practices in all of these disciplines.  Patricia is a certified Oneness Trainer, delivering the teachings of a very special spiritual school known as the Oneness University in Southeast India.   The goals of the work of Oneness are to “Set Man Free” to live a life of connectedness and Oneness with all things, and to form a very strong bond with the God of their Heart.

Patricia combines the wisdom and knowledge she has gathered through her studies with gifted Teachers, to provide her clients with insights into their inner world and to help them uncover root causes of challenges, whether physical, mental, emotional  or spiritual and to then move beyond these,  to develop a strong spiritual practice if they so choose.

Patricia offers private sessions and mentorship and also delivers a variety of workshops teaching the work of Oneness, Intuitive Healing, Self Exploration and many more Mystical and Divine topics.

Patricia is based in her home city of Edmonton, Alberta and is excited to have the opportunity to expand her work out to a larger audience.  Patricia continues her studies in the Vedic streams with Stuart Mooney Jr., “The American Buddha” as well as through the Pillai Center and mystical and healing studies with Kathy Roseborough.

This past year, Patricia has also partnered with her long time teacher, Kathy Roseborough, to open a western presence for Kathy’s School of Etheric Healing  The School of Etheric Healing provides studies in the streams of the Mystical Tree of Life, Ho Shin Reiki, and Etheric Healing , Akashic Studies and much more.

Patricia has a Commerce Degree and has worked many years as a consultant in the Information Technology sector.  She understands the pressures and stresses  of holding a demanding day job, managing a family and finding time for health, well being and a spiritual practice.

Patricia works with clients of all ages in one on one and group settings offering both face to face and remote sessions.  It is her Soul’s Purpose to help others explore their inner world, find the roots of the issues that underlay the challenges of the external world, and bring peace and balance within.


WOW!! So beautiful and right on! You have seen into the soul essence and have been so compassionately supportive.  Thank you.  You have a gift that needs to be shared on earth at this time.  Thank you for living your truth!  S.G., Alberta

Patricia Services

Intuitive Healing and Intuitive Spiritual Counsel Sessions

1 hour general intuitive guidance or 1 hour focused healing session or 1 hour Akashic Records reading (In person, via Skype or remote healing) $115 

All healing sessions, guidance sessions and Akashic records sessions are intuitively led.  The practitioner will access the client’s Higher Self as well as masters and healers of the inner planes that present during the session.   Based on the client intent for the session, any or all of the following may come forth in the session: Guidance, Healing, completion of karmic imprints, completion of old vows, pulling forward Akashic gifts, and wherever else the Higher Self guides us based on the client’s need.

These sessions are unique to the individual.   Sessions can be recorded.

1.25 hour Tree of Life reading $125

These readings provide the client with a “snapshot” of the current state of the chakra system including where current challenges exist and what the Soul is working at the present time. This reading is done against the backdrop of the Mystical Tree of Life and the 10 Sephirah and uses the Major Archana of the Tarot to provide additional guidance and information.

The practitioner will spend 45 min alone preparing for the reading and tapping into the Chakra system.  The practitioner will then either meet with the client or schedule a follow up skype or call for 30 min if the client cannot be present to review the tarot layout and provider deeper intuitive guidance based on client need.

This is an excellent reading to begin with or to do once or twice a year or after a significant shift in life circumstances.  These session are unique to the individual.  Sessions can be recorded.

Inquire also about Soul Purpose Readings which is a more in depth and lengthier look into the energetic body.

Home, Office or general Space Clearing (approx. 1 hour session) $115

These clearing sessions can be used to clear home or office space and can be helpful when moving into a new space, at the turn of the seasons to access new energies, or whenever you feel a boost in atmosphere, energy or abundance is required.

One home or business per clearing.  These sessions are performed remotely only unless otherwise discussed with the practitioner.   An audio of the session will be provided.

Spiritual intensive 3 pack (Three 1-hour sessions  $315)

For those wanting a more in depth experience, a 3 pack of sessions will be designed based on the client’s need.  These sessions may include any of the following services: Tree of Life Reading or Soul Purpose Reading or one or more Akashic Records Readings, or one or more Healing Sessions.  Sessions will normally take place at least 1 week apart to allow time for reflection and integration between sessions.     This package must be paid for up front to receive the session discount.

Spiritual Intensive 10 pack (one on one spiritual coaching to dive into the Inner world customized for the client $1100)

These sessions will cover foundational spiritual teachings designed to take the client deep into their inner world, uncovering insights, encompassing balance and healing and moving the client to being ever more present in their daily life.

Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on client need.  This package can be paid in two installments, prior to the start of the session blocks.

Custom programs for Healing the whole person (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)

An initial assessment will be conducted to determine client needs, whether you are struggling with physical illness, food intollerances, or undiagnosed symptoms.   A potential healing path will be laid out for the client which may include diet modifications, supplementation, vibropathic remedies, and energetic healing sessions.

These programs in no way provide medical diagnoses or claim to treat any medical conditions.

These programs aim to help the client take a wholistic view of healing and consider all potential underlying causes that have taken the body out of balance.

Inquire with the practitioner if you are considering this option.  Pricing and program will be unique to each case.  Inquire for more information.

Follow up sessions

Sometimes the client has questions that come up after the reading, requires clarification upon reflection, or is ready for a shorter “tune – up” session.  We can schedule a 15 minute or 30 minute follow up as required.  Additional quarter hour after the first half hour are billed at $30 per 15 min segment.

 15 min follow up call $30

 30 minute follow up call $60

 Anything else!

Is there a service or workshop you would like to inquire about that is not listed.  Just ask and we will see what Spirit guides us to create together.

Gift Certificates

I am happy to provide gift certificates for gift giving of the intuitive and healing services listed above.

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