Winter Solstice Greetings from Healing Connections

Dec. 21st  Solstice  3:44 am

Dec. 21st   Sunrise 8:49 am
Sunset 4:16 pm
Length of light 7 hrs 27 minutes and 39 seconds


May this Winter Solstice awaken our inner  peace and deep connection  to truth that resides within each of us, so that as a species we may take ownership of this  truth that we are all connected to each other and we are all a  part of her and she of us.

May these last days of deep darkness serve us to remind us that no matter how dark , our knowing is that we are of life and love.     Life and love are one and the same.
If we are  alive, we are of love.    We made hide it , we may reject it, we may not believe it,   but deep down in our inner core that place where our inner spark resides…. we know.

May each of our  inner sparks.. resonate with each of your inner sparks.. and may we resonate with each other from our hearts.   May we recognize  this resonance, this song, this dance from the heart with each other.
And from this place  may we open to her and allow ourselves to recognize that she and we are one and the same.   Life and love.

From all of us at Healing Connections.. we offer you peace and connection and we look forward to connecting with you in some way in the new year of 2017.

It has been our privilege to be in service to you and your own healing and we commend you on your resolve to embody  self care.

With Peace and Love

Jane and  Joshua and The Healing Connections Team