You Choose Who You Are by Sarah Salter Kelly

We have a choice, always and at all-times with how we engage in our reality and respond to its circumstances. Free choice is something everyone was born with. We can choose our thoughts and the directions in which we allow our minds to meander, the energy we place in our actions.


Our choice has a direct correlation with our sense of personal power.


WE come into this world, infinite. A God seed – we are capable of anything. And then as we meet circumstances that say we are not… Not God, not capable, not valuable… WE begin to change our agreements about who we are. Each agreement makes us smaller, and diminishes our connection to our power.


This may mean that we cannot see the light and thus literally lose sight of the fact that we have power and thus we have choice. This is what we came here to re-member.


We are the only ones who have the power to notice –autonomously- what is happening. And that it is in fact our consciousness, which is choosing the diminished form of reality. We chose this because it is easier. To hold fast to the truth that we are infinite and god sourced means we must face the condemnation, judgment and limited point of view of others and still stand strong in our knowing.

This requires us to feel safe being seen and trust in ourselves which may have been simple at the onset of our journey on this planet, but with years of agreements under our belts saying we are not enough, our fear overrides our instincts and we agree with what we are told, taught and shown, by those who we deem a greater authority than what we have within.


And in this way, we become small…. less than… separate. We forget that we have always have belonged, are whole already and an essential part of this universe.


This sense of being separate, of not belonging or being ‘enough’ builds up inside of us and manifests in false perceptions of who we are. It is the soil which grows fear, depression and anxiety.


Depression IS separation consciousness… It is founded in the agreements we have made that we are less than who we are and thus not capable of moving forward. It doesn’t make it bad or wrong… we all need to go into the dark at times and BE WITH this part of ourselves. However the more agreements we have collected over the years, the more difficult it is to not get lost.

Often times we seek fault.. in ourselves, in others, in our life’s situation, which again creates another agreement that we are powerless.


Awareness diffuses the charge of these false fears… Choice of a new direction re-wires our consciousness inclusive of our neural path ways.

Self realization is the journey of recognizing what these agreements are and untangling the web they make around us.




Sarah Salter Kelly
White Raven Woman

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