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Daryan Train


Yoga Instructor

Yoga is a Sanskrit word that comes from the root, “yuj” which means “to join together.” Simply put, Yoga means “union.” Daryan approaches her practice from this perspective, honouring the body, mind, and spirit as a Whole.


Before becoming a yoga instructor, Daryan graduated with a major in Communications and a minor in Psychology, giving her a strong understanding of human relations as a foundation. She now weaves together this framework with her knowledge of anatomy, breathwork, mindfulness, Somatics, and more, to foster a sense of both inner and outer unity for her clients.

Through her personal journey of deep healing - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - Daryan discovered an integrated practice that she views as an ever-evolving way of being.  

Wanting to help others carve their own paths of healing, she became certified in therapeutic yoga and Reiki. She is further trained in myofascial release and strengthening, aerial yoga, and Somatic exercise. Her areas of focus are pain relief and inner exploration.

In Daryan's movement sessions, she places emphasis on the mind-body connection and cultivating strength, mobility, and resiliency through intentional movement and focused engagement.

When working with you, her intention is to facilitate and hold space as you step into your power and connect with yourself in new ways. She'll ask you to get curious about how you move, feel, think, and breathe, as you begin to discover your own personal flow. 

Her guidance is intended to offer you a renewed sense of alignment and wholeness that encourages you to keep exploring your unlimited potential!

Daryan's Services & Fees

All bookings require an initial 30-minute intake session ​(done over Zoom)

For Booking interest and questions, please contact:

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