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Dee Hamilton


Modern Mage 

Spiritual Coach - Intuitive Card Reader - ThetaHealer®️ - Shadow Walker

“Nothing is set in stone, we all experience a mix of fate, luck and free will.”

– Norse Teaching

Dee encourages an energetically thriving space for self-empowerment to be the driving force of supporting others in changing their lives. She wants her clients to know that they are never alone and never stuck.


Dee started her journey in 2014 of true self-discovery and healing...

At that stage in her life, she knew it was time she figured out who she was and started shedding old beliefs she had about herself – whether they were her own, or picked up from what other people's opinions were of her. Having felt alone most of her life despite being surrounded by people, she quickly realized that sometimes we just need someone completely in our corner cheering us on and allowing us to figure our stuff out in safety. This realization quickly transitioned into a deep passion to help other rebel souls to realize their own true, powerful potential and destroy blockages to their success. Creating a safe, judgment-free space for souls to simply be themselves and set in motion, the change they are searching for is at the heart of her work.


You have to be a little bit rebellious to heal, breaking from traditions and forging your own path back to self, your true self takes courage and strength. Taking the time to face head on the things that hold us back or have hurt us so deeply requires us to delve into our shadows. This process is sometimes too painful to work through alone. A session with Dee can help with self-esteem, relationships, manifesting goals, releasing trauma from this lifetime or a past lifetime, or literally anything at all you would like to shift in your life.


Over the years, Dee has taken her innate intuition, ThetaHealing®️ , and Universal Sphere training and integrated them with drawing oracle cards, thus creating a truly unique experience that is real, raw, and transformative.


The Rebel sessions & ThetaHealing®️ sessions are set up as a conversation; you will sit and talk, you will be asked questions along the way, Dee will direct the energies that allow the time to be filled with meaningful change and clarity. Expect laughter, peace, lightness, and truth that is never sugar coated. Come to these sessions well hydrated as the physical body responds best when it can assist in the flow of releasing old energies and drawing in the new.

Dee's Services & Fees

Rebel Healing Session:

  • $160 for 90 minutes

Theta Healing Session:

  • $125 for 60 minutes

Oracle Reading:

  • $60 for 30 minutes

  • $100 for 60 minutes

Dee is available for online booking.

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