Registered Acupuncturist,
Clinical Herbal Therapist,
Health Educator & Practitioner

Grant Wilson

Grant Wilson, Acupuncturist, Clinical Herbal Therapist, Health Educator, Health Practitioner

Grant intends to offer...

"Ancient Practices in a Modern Lifestyle"

Grant is a Registered Acupuncturist and Clinical Herbal Therapist, health educator and health practitioner.

He has been a community, business and health care innovator in the Edmonton area for over twenty-five years. Grant is dedicated to assisting you in developing individualized care for your lifestyle.

His interest is in blending modalities with Acupuncture. He encompasses aspects of nature and healing arts to create a healing environment for mind, body and spirit.

Grant encompasses aspects of nature and healing arts to create a healing
environment for mind, body and spirit.

Plants and their many uses, various bodyworks, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are blended to create a plan for clients. His treatments shift
ancient practices into tailored, individualized plans for your modern lifestyle.


Come in to see Grant Wilson; whether for a simple health plan based on TCM,
or for specific health challenges - he will be sure to guide you.

Enjoy finding out what your constitutional rating is - increase the knowledge
of how your body works.

Relax with balancing therapies that include Acupuncture (a practice utilized
by practitioners for thousands of years to regain health).

Use Grant's services for simplified and effective approaches to health.



  • Registered Acupuncturist

  • Clinical Herbal Therapist

  • Chinese Herbal Therapist

  • Shamanism (Chinese Wu and Bush Healing)

  • Traditional Thai Massage Therapist

  • Iridology Diagnosis (Conventional and Rayid)

  • Aromatherapist

  • Homotoxicologist (Advanced Homeopathics)

  • Flower Essence Therapist

Grant, in his spare time may be found on a nature trail or on a yoga mat.

Grant's Services & Fees


  • $130 for 90-minute Initial Consult & Treatment

  • $95 for 60-minute Follow-Up Treatment

Cupping Therapy:

  • $70 for 45 minutes

  • $90 for 60 minutes

Integrated Health Consultation:

  • $130 for 90 minutes

Grant is available for online booking.