Jackie Pearce


Registered Massage Therapist

Shaman / Wholistic Practitioner


It is Jackie’s passion to help as many people as she can down a path of self-discovery and healing.


As a facilitator, Jackie presents opportunities for you to shift and transform. This is very much a self-empowering approach to balance and optimum health.

The Golden Lady utilizes wholistic modalities to guide individuals through their own healing journey.

She believes this is the most effective way of healing as it allows each individual to become more aware of their body as well as to set the pace that their journey will take.


By acting as a facilitator in your healing, she provides a level of support and commitment that empowers each individual to take charge of their progress and find deep inner peace.


Jackie offers Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Komyo Reiki, Chakra Balancing and more!


For full service details, please visit https://www.goldenlady.ca/services