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Music & Counselling Therapy

A wholistic approach to counselling therapy and healing.

Sessions combine music therapy, mindful guided imagery, movement and breath with the wisdom of traditional talk therapy.


Sessions are tailored personally to you:

You get to help choose which techniques are used to best target your unique challenges while also playing to your preferences and strengths.


Mindful music can be used in sessions in many ways: Music can be applied in the background through listening, as a support to relaxation or a meditation journey.  It can also come to the foreground where we actually make sound, move to music or write something ourselves. This depends on you and your preference and comfort.


More and more, research is demonstrating the health and therapeutic benefits of music and mindfulness. When used with care and intention by a trained professional, these techniques can help you access the wisdom of your body, emotions and subconscious beliefs to offer a more comprehensive way to repattern, heal and support your emotional, physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing.


Tiffany recommends meeting online so you can be in your own familiar space. 

This will allow you to better integrate any changes into your life with more ease.

Registered Counselling Therapist
& Music Therapist:

Tiffany Sparrow

Tiffany Sparrow

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