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Nadine Moore


Registered Massage Therapist

Nadine has always been very intuitive when it comes to energy and has often looked for ways to explore energy healing for herself. Because of this, she wanted to educate herself more about the human body and further spiritual practices that are used around the world so that she too could provide healing to others. After working in the non-profit sector for several years Nadine realized that she wasn’t allowing herself to grow out of her psychology background. Because of this realization, she was able to further source a new educational background that could connect her to her intuitive roots.

Nadine enrolled herself in the registered massage therapy program at South Edmonton school of massage therapy and began her journey to further understand the body and the energy that the body can hold. During her schooling, she decided to complete her practicum placement at her favorite spiritual healing establishment, Healing Connections. Nadine loves all of the practices offered at this business and couldn’t think of a more home-like place to start her own practice. Since graduating Nadine has stayed with Healing Connections offering a variety of massage modalities. Nadine hopes to further her education and learn different spiritual healing modalities from different cultures and share them with her team and others.

Nadine is experienced in Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, pregnancy massage, osteopathy, cupping and hydrotherapy.


In her spare time Nadine enjoys rockhounding, paddleboarding, and spending time in nature.

Nadine also offers Maderotherapy, a massage technique very popular in Europe. The word “madera” means wood and this technique was developed in Columbia for body
treatment of different conditions but today is used for ROM restrictions, fascial restriction, hypertonicity and lymphatic drainage. This technique uses approximately 4-6 anatomically made wooden tools which makes Maderotherapy 100% natural. Maderotherapy brings relief of muscle and joints pain.


Maderotherapy is specific treatment using different wooden massage rolling pins to treat fascial restrictions, muscle soreness and stiffness by warming up muscles and softening tissue. This massage technique increases circulation, breaks and prevents formation of myofascial adhesions. Rolling of affected body parts with natural wooden roller stretches and improves rehydration of fascia and other connective tissue. Increased blood and lymphatic flow to the muscles it promotes break down of fascial restrictions which leads to increased skin/fascia elasticity, decrease of muscle tone.


All this increases physical activity and flexibility of the overall body.

Nadine's Services & Fees

Therapeutic Massage:

  • $75 for 60 minutes


  • $100 for 60 minutes

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