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Nadine Moore


Registered Massage Therapist
Deep Tissue Massage

Nadine has always been very intuitive when it comes to energy and has often looked for ways to explore energy healing for herself. Because of this, she wanted to educate herself more about the human body and further spiritual practices that are used around the world so that she too could provide healing to others.

Nadine enrolled herself in the registered massage therapy program at South Edmonton school of massage therapy and began her journey to further understand the body and the energy that the body can hold. Nadine hopes to further her education and learn different spiritual healing modalities from different cultures around the world and share them with her team and clients. Nadine is skilled at providing different massage therapy modalities including; relaxing, Swedish, pregnancy, deep tissue, manual resisted therapy and maderotherapy. Nadine hopes to explore Thai, Reflexology and Shamanic modalities in the near future.

Nadine's Services & Fees

Therapeutic Massage:

  • $95 for 60 minutes

  • $118 for 75 minutes

  • $142 for 90 minutes

  • $190 for 120 minutes


  • $95 for 60 minutes

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