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Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive,
Tarot Card Reading

Starchild specializes in guiding people through a journey of self-discovery and emotional healing to reconnect with and express their true selves. As a neurodivergent practitioner, she has a unique perspective on self-expression and emotional processing, utilizing her empathic abilities and a wealth of knowledge gathered over 15 years on her spiritual path.

Drawing inspiration from influential figures like Rebecca Campbell and Kyle Grey, and having trained under Isabel Fry at Breathe Retreats, Starchild combines emotional processing techniques with spiritual practices to help clients identify and process their emotions. She focuses on uncovering the ways people hide their true selves and ignore their needs.


Her personal journey is deeply intertwined with her practice. As someone who is autistic and has ADHD, Starchild was often expected to mask her symptoms to fit in, leading to a period of disconnection from her true self. She spent many years heavily medicated, which stifled her creativity and emotional expression. A few years ago, she overcame her depression and reconnected with her authentic self, a transformation she now helps others achieve.

Known as an 'unofficial therapist' among friends and family, Starchild is skilled in helping people process and accept their emotions. Her fair, sincere, nonjudgmental, and accurate approach has facilitated personal growth for many. 

Being neurodivergent enhances her sensitivity, allowing her to perceive emotional and spiritual information in a heightened and unique way. With six out of seven 'clair' senses, she can perceive spirits visually (as colors and outlines when she closes her eyes), emotionally, and spiritually, adding a profound depth to her practice.

Having experienced frequent rejection and the struggle to find acceptance, Starchild is dedicated to helping others navigate their paths, embrace their true selves, and share their voices authentically. As a newly certified Reiki practitioner, she is offering discounted session rates over the summer to gain experience, while also providing customized tarot card readings for deeper insights.

"My mission is to help people uncover their true selves and navigate their emotions with empathy and understanding. By embracing our authentic selves, we can find joy, creativity, and connection in a world that often demands conformity." - Starchild

Starchild's Services & Fees

Individual Reiki Session - $55
Experience the calming and restorative benefits of a reiki session. Starchild uses Reiki and crystals to help you release stress, balance your energy, and promote emotional healing. Each session is tailored to your specific needs, providing a personalized and soothing experience.

Customized Tarot Card Reading - $80
Gain deeper insights and clarity with a customized tarot card reading. Starchild combines her intuitive skills and extensive knowledge to provide you with guidance and answers to your most pressing questions. Each reading is uniquely crafted to address your individual situation and help you navigate life's challenges.

Reiki Session Package - $198 (10% off)
Commit to your healing journey with a package of four reiki sessions at a discounted rate. This package offers continuous support and de

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