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Bio-Field Tuning

Whether Ohm, a Big Bang or simply the voice of God, many cultures around the world and throughout history believe our reality began from and is formed by sound—whether or not it is audible to the human ear. It is no wonder that sound medicine has become a popularized and widely accepted form of treatment across the globe for mental, physical and spiritual dis-ease.

This gentle and non-invasive modality uses differently pitched tuning forks to identify blockages in a person’s energetic field and then release them, allowing for the body’s natural systems to process them. As a human’s energetic field expands around them as they age, similar to the way a tree’s rings grow, it is possible to identify the time periods and situations where the original blockages occurred and thus allow the client to process them both consciously and energetically. This is a great modality for those who prefer limited touching or are having difficulty uncovering the source of any mental, physical, emotional or spiritual pain and/or blocks.

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