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Joseph Paches


Clinical Herbal Therapist (CHT)

Joseph specializes in the use of plant medicines. He utilizes traditional and modern knowledge to create an herbal plan that is personally tailored to all of your needs.


Herbalism can greatly support your body and mind. With over 120 herbs available at Joseph's disposal, a safe and effective herbal remedy can be custom made to address all of your concerns. While being an effective practice in itself, herbalism will compliment all other natural therapies as well.

Along with modern knowledge and practice, Joseph specializes in historical herbal medicine. He takes great inspiration from ancient Greek, alchemical, and early-American influences. By tapping into the vast history of the herbal world, beautiful traditions can be be preserved. Through a union of history and modern understanding, a holistic approach to health can be achieved.


Joseph is a registered herbal therapist with the Alberta Herbalists Guild. He graduated from Dominion Herbal College through the 4-year Clinical Herbal Therapy program. He continues his education through working with historians, herbalists, and other natural health practitioners.

Joseph's Services & Fees

First Consultation ($150, approximately 90 minutes): Includes taking a case history, traditional assessments, and designing a personally tailored herbal health plan.


Follow up ($50, approximately 45 Minutes Minutes): Includes a health progress review, traditional assessments, and making any required herbal formula adjustments.


Herbal Remedies (Variable): The average cost is $25 per week. This can be more or less based on the options you choose, and your particular needs.

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