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Lauren Thomas


Thai Bodywork Practitioner


Lauren offers Thai bodywork, teaches yoga, and loves creativity. 

She meets her clients with preparation, a healing intention, and respect. 

She most loves working with people looking for support in releasing chronic tension--more specifically in the back and hips--and those interested in actively engaging in their healing process & open to learning movement techniques to empower themselves. 

Lauren sees Thai bodywork as a lovely way to incorporate both massage and movement -- with the intention of supporting the body to find healthy integrated movement in daily life.  


Lauren teaches yoga from the experience of having had the opportunity to travel to India and learn the traditions from these lands alongside continued and ongoing learning from many mentors.

Lauren also grows vegetables in the summer with her sister at their small farm-- Deeply Rooted Market Garden and suggested reaching out for veggies in the summer.


To those in search of her services: she feels honoured to be trusted and approached  for support-- and acknowledges she is in this position because of those that have been present to support her. She is very grateful to be able to do this work!

"It is my intention to  be attuned to health, safety, respect, and care for all my relations. Life is a learning-- and I intend to hold this in my heart as I learn the lessons woven in life".

– Lauren

Lauren's Services & Fees

Thai Bodywork

  • $122 for 90 minutes

Lauren is available for online booking

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