Lauren Thomas

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Thai Massage Therapist

Lauren fell in love with the feminine lineage of Thai massage after an intro course in the Spring of 2021.


She had been searching for a more intuitive and feminine approach to her Yoga practice and she loved how the art of Thai massage had been passed forward from woman to woman in the traditions she studied. 

Since then, she has studied advanced Thai for the lower body and back and has intention to continue the study and learning of Thai medicines.

Still a novice in Thai massage, she's looking to bring an open heart and willingness to learn in order to foster deeper health for her clients. 


Lauren also has a background in Yoga and Reiki (level 1 & 2 ). 


She is a full time farmer and has a full time passion for working with the land. She sees food and nature as medicine. 


She is a true believer that there is a place for all we experience. That one of the deepest gifts is to learn the medicine in all the diverse experiences of life. 


You can find her hiking, painting, or making plant medicines or body care products in her free time -- likely sipping a cup of tea. She loves tea. 


"I believe beautiful things come from finding our right place in the fabric of community. There is a magical essence of relationship; another provides the opportunity to offer reflection and a deeper learning of the Self.

Each one of us is responsible for our own health and yet what a beautiful journey to discern what relationships amplify our love and nurture a sense of well being & support.

It is my dream to be one of those people, attuned to right relationship".

– Lauren

Lauren's Services & Fees

Thai Massage

  • $93 for 60 minutes

  • $122 for 90 minutes

  • $150 for 120 minutes

Lauren is available for online booking.