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Community Space for Rent

Conveniently located in downtown Edmonton, our beautiful workshop space is available for rent. It is the perfect venue for events, workshops, classes, circles, meetings, and training sessions.

The room comfortably accommodates 50 people in classroom style set-up and 25 people for movement classes such as yoga.

The clinic is close to public transport, cafes and restaurants, and a number of hotels. 

Click here for a list of accommodations around our downtown Edmonton location.

The room is 1100 square feet, has natural lighting, air conditioning and a Wi-Fi connection.

An enchanting mural highlights one wall of the space. Rich velvet curtains separate the kitchenette and eating area from the rest of the workshop space. There is a bathroom next to the room for workshop participants’ exclusive use. (We may be able to arrange access to two other washrooms downstairs, if required.)


Please view our Events Calendar to see if the space is available on your desired date(s).

In some cases, events may not be visible on the public calendar.

Please email to confirm.

Rental Costs

Download our current rental rates document:

Download our current rental contract

(to be completed and returned to

When you book: We require a 50% deposit (min. of $100.00) to hold your booking of our workshop space. We require full payment on the day of your event or the first day of your class.

If you cancel: More than 5 weeks in advance, we will refund your deposit less $100.00 for administration fees. Less than 5 weeks in advance, you lose your deposit.

Available for Use with Rental

  • Wi-Fi connection

  • Ring Light for online video

  • Trestles tables

  • Chairs with arms

  • Folding chairs

  • Back-jacks (40)

  • Crockery and cutlery

  • Microwave and refrigerators

  • Urn, electric jug and coffee maker

  • Video projector and screen

  • Flip board and small whiteboard

  • Yoga props (including mats, straps, blocks, bolsters and therapy balls)

Promoting Your Event

If you would like us to include your event or class on our website, Facebook page and Instagram account, we can certainly do so.

We also promote events in-house on numerous poster boards.

Please inquire about how to provide us with the proper formats, so we can add and share your event on all our platforms.

Planning Your Event

To plan your event, please call us 780-488-9779 or email us at


Thank you for choosing Healing Connections as the venue for your event.


We wish you every success and will do everything we can to make your event run smoothly.


"I have done a few workshops at Healing Connections and what strikes me about the space is the beautiful energy that is present there. I feel a connection with all of the facilitators and I sense their connection as well. There is a lot of love present and this love goes into the very heart of their organization. A pleasure."

♡ Anna Beaumont | Inspirational singer, songwriter, musician and vocal teacher

"I have taught two times at Healing Connections and have enjoyed my time there very much. Negotiating with the admin was always timely and friendly, the space itself is clean and uplifted, and the staff are a delight. Overall a five star experience!"

♡ Craig Mollins | MIPAWork

"I was lucky enough to start working at Healing Connections soon after its remarkable emergence on 115 Street. From the beginning, Healing Connections has been remarkable because, while it was a personal vision of it’s co-founders, its vision mobilized community in a modern version of a barn raising. Jane has held to the integrity of that vision: a deep belief that a healing centre could operate best when it supported the individuality of each practitioner while fostering a dialogue between the different paradigms they represented. We have been encouraged to bring ourselves as fully to our work as we are able, supported in a community of fellow healers. Each client, and each learner in Healing Connections workshop space has benefited from the ambiance created within its walls, experiencing how a functional system can hold our healing journeys from without, while it supports its unfolding within."

♡ Matthew van der Giessen | Visiting Therapist

"I have had the pleasure and good fortune to be able to host yoga classes in the Healing Connections space. The holistic focus of wellness, and multidisciplinary practitioners at Healing Connections creates a unique opportunity for those interesting in nurturing the mind, body and soul, to come together and discover the virtues of many healing modalities. 

As a self employed yoga instructor, I rent the space for my yoga class, and the openness and presence of the staff and practitioners at Healing Connections creates a win-win situation for all involved, including my students."

♡ Sandy Ayre | Occupational Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor

"I absolutely loved conducting my workshops out of Healing Connections!  The space has an incredible healing atmosphere to it and I adore the artwork wall murals and the fact that there is a kitchen and seating space within the room.  I also greatly appreciate that my posters were posted within the Centre to help promote my events, in addition to having them listed on their website.  Everyone is always super helpful, friendly and speedy to respond to any questions or requests that I may have.  The location is very convenient and the parking is easy – all steps away from restaurants and transit.  All of my students loved the space!  I couldn’t ask for anything better than conducting my workshops at Healing Connections.  A heartfelt thank you!”

♡ Sharon Brown-Horton | Advanced Traditional Thai Massage Teacher & Practitioner,

Owner of Banyan Thai Massage

"I am a huge fan of Healing Connections’ workshop space. In my experience, the space is tops in the city in organization and service. The space is large and well laid out with no blocks to participants with unsightly pillars or odd shapes to the room. Bathroom and kitchenette are built-in to the design and are easily available. Prices are always reasonable. Management at Healing Connections is accommodating and is always working to improve the rental experience. Highly recommended!"

♡ Matthew van der Giessen | Program Director, Somatics Institute

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