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Swapna Mirpuri

Swapna Mirpuri RMT, Clinical Skin Care Therapist, Reiki Practitioner

RMT, Clinical Facial Therapist, Bowen Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Violet Flame Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, Chakra Therapist & Energy Medicine Practitioner

Swapna welcomes everyone to experience the beauty of wellness in accordance with mind, body and soul.

A typical session with Swapna will help you to relax, renew, and rejuvenate.


She believes in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - a Sanskrit phrase which means "the world is one family" and her role is to encourage, support, guide and be a channel to everyone in their own journey of awareness and healing.

It is interesting how she combines her therapeutic and holistic knowledge to design treatments and customize sessions for each individual. She is a graduate from Alberta College Of Massage Therapy and is a member with CMMOTA and IARP. Her Bowen practitioner training is from Bowtech. She has completed her training in Clinical Skincare from Esthetics Plus and her Reiki Practitioner training from Reiki Alberta. While her Reiki Master Teacher, Violet Flame Reiki Master, Energy Medicine Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Chakra Therapist, Spiritual Aromatherapy training is completed from Sacred Wellness School of Healing Arts. As you can tell she loves learning; currently she is continuing her education of Sound Healing.


Her areas of expertise are: Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage along with Myofascial Cupping, Jade Stone, Clinical Skincare, Reiki and Energy Work. 


She customizes skincare routines and uses suitable products to achieve optimal results as per individuals skin needs. She works with her clientele to achieve and maintain their wellness goals which can help them explore self-potential of healing.


Peace, harmony, gratitude, and balance are the foundation of her approach to all treatments. She is looking forward to seeing you for a session soon!

Swapna's Services & Fees

Massage, Cupping and Reiki:

  • $80 for 45 minutes

  • $95 for 60 minutes

  • $115 for 75 minutes

  • $135 for 90 minutes

  • $200 for 120 minutes


Hot Jade Stone Massage:

  • $135 for 90 minutes

  • $200 for 120 minutes


Bowen Therapy

  • $95 for 60 minutes

Meditation, Breathing Techniques, and Om Chanting:

  • $95 for 60 minutes

  • $135 for 90 minutes

*Customized as per clients' needs.

Distant and Online Reiki and Meditation Session:

  • $95 for 60 minutes

  • $135 for 90 minutes

Clinical Facials:

*Facials and Peels are customized to skin needs after initial consultation. Products used for each treatment are by Image Skincare.

  • Price range from $135-175


*Prices do not include GST.

Swapna is available for online booking.

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