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Autumn Rituals for Shifting Your Energy

For me Autumn is a welcomed shift in energy as the leaves turn colour & the air gets crisper. This isn’t my usual feeling, as I’ve always adored Summer but this year, I feel drawn to the cool weather, warm drinks and comfort that Autumn provides. This new perspective has me in deep contemplation and reflection of the past year and with that, I found a few Autumn rituals that will help you transition out of the old and into the new.

Reflection Ritual

  • Get a journal or a piece of paper

  • On page 1 write a list of thing you have accomplished in the past year and things that you hope to accomplish soon (Don’t be hard on yourself, ANY accomplishment will do no matter how small)

  • On page 2 write a list of how you’ve been treating yourself lately. Have you treated yourself with kindness or hostility? Have you been procrastinating or creating blockages in your life?

  • Reflect on the accomplishments of page 1 and remind yourself that you did the best you could considering the circumstances.

  • Reflect on the notes of page 2 and after each one, repeat the affirmation “I love & accept myself.”

  • Move forward with renewed purpose and perspective on the newness of the season.

Box Ritual

  • Use the visualization below to step outside of the imaginary box you have found yourself trapped in lately.

  • Close your eyes and imagine you are standing inside a box. Though this box keeps you safe, recognize its limitations on your growth. Visualize yourself stepping out of the box and allow it to unlock new possibility. Welcome this newness with open arms.

Balance Ritual

  • Consider your priorities as you enter this new season. You can do this by simply pondering them or writing them down.

  • Take a deep breath in and imagine removing the need to control and manipulate the world around you. Take a deep breath out and imagine some of the ways you can rest more and stress less. Follow this breath for a few rounds as you make this new set of priorities clear in your mind.

  • When you are finished give yourself the space to simply exist in the space around you. You can do this with some free play or guided exploration in nature.

Regardless of how you decide to bring in the new season, I hope it is filled with love, warmth and snuggles.

Lots of love,



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