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What's New, Spring 2022! Introducing GuaSha Facial Massage

Feel that sun on your skin and brightness in you day? April brings back playfulness after winters cozy and restful period. It's time to move our focus to creation and exploration; try something new and invite curiosity into your healing. Check out a new modality, a new workshop or class. Experience a new practitioner and step out of your comfort zone. Do you feel like you've tried everything Healing Connections has to offer? Give us a call - we are positive we can connect you to another avenue to keep you moving on your journey of healing.

Spring has brought about new life at Healing Connections. Our workshop space has opened up and people are ready to participate in community building workshops again. We have a few new modalities to offer, we are interviewing new therapists and we are ready to connect!

We welcome spring with open arms and sun on our faces.

New Modality: Guasha Facial Massage

A relaxing yet effective treatment working on the face, neck and head that ultimately provides benefits for the entire body. Using an organic oil or moisturizer suitable for your skin, gua sha tools and massage techniques, we aim to drain excess fluid and promote circulation. This treatment can also relieve tension from facial and upper body muscles as well as gently improve fine lines and wrinkles.

What's Happening at Healing Connections

Spring is has brought with it a myriad of new energies in the form of events and workshops in our community space!

Check out the exciting opportunities below.

Interested in hosting your own workshops?

We'd love to have you brighten our community space with your energy.

Email us your request at

and we will get back to as soon as possible.

Learn Bowen Therapy

Massage therapists! Learn a new skill that can help prolong your career and give you clients a deeper understanding of their bodies.

Bowen Therapy is an incredibly popular modality throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Learn this technique and be one of few to offer it in Edmonton!

Continued education credits available with this course.

Contact Kim for more details:

A Healing Journey

A 5-week yoga & therapy group exploring self-care and self-compassion. The group therapy portion of the workshop will provide space to feel into the importance of self-care, to share personal experiences, and to process old beliefs systems that act as barriers to self-compassion.

The yoga portion of the workshop will provide a safe space to breathe, embody what was processed in group, and to integrate any new learnings into the body.

Let's Yoga

with Kat Boehm

Want to book in for yoga? Contact Kat Boehm through

Birth Prep

Birth Prep hosts their last workshop with us on April 9th. For more information on this workshop or upcoming events with Transition Doulas contact them directly at

Continuum Movement

First class is FREE!

Come learn a new and mindful way to move your body. Experience the fluid body, release old restrictions and invite playfulness back into the body

Contact Manuela at to secure your spot as space is limited.

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