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New Year, Fresh Start: Ebats of 2022 (Phases of the Moon)

Though it may seem cliche to create a New Years resolution each year, January provides us with a wonderful opportunity to slow down and create the vision we want to see for the next year. After the Winter Solstice and busy holiday season we are given the gift of time once more. The cold weather keeps us indoors and we now have the opportunity to pick up the hobbies and habits we want to see in ourselves and our lives, and leave behind the ones we have out grown, or no longer serve us.

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What are the Esbats of 2022?

To start us all on the right foot for the New Year, I decided now is the time to share the Esbats for 2022. For those of you who aren’t as witchy inclined, the Esbats are any gathering observed by a coven or solitary witch outside of the Sabbats. Don’t know what a Sabbat is? Check out some of our previous articles on the Sabbats on our LinkedIn or Facebook page. I digress, the Esbats can literally be ANY reason that a group of witches connect but the typical gatherings occur around the Moon Cycle. These are times of deep reflection and dedicated work on spiritual matters.

Scroll to learn what the New, Quarter and Full Moon phases symbolize.

New Moon Phases

New moons are the beginning of the moon cycle and much like the name suggests, represent new beginnings. This is the perfect time to set new intentions for the month ahead and start new things. As you move through the other phases of the moon, the intentions and new things you started during this phase will progress and complete in some form or another as you reach the end of the cycle.

First Quarter Moon Phases

The first quarter of the moon is where exactly half of the moon is illuminated. This is a time of strength, focus, determination and commitment. All of the goals and new things you began at the beginning of the month are calling for a focused effort as you move through this phase. Taking action on your goals and making decisions about how you plan on moving forward is important during this time.

Full Moon Phases

The full moon is a time of refinement. All the goals and new things we have been growing over the past month are ready to be fine-tuned. The brightest phase of the month, this is the time to release anything that no longer serves us and move forward with our intentions. If energy is stagnant and your goals haven’t progressed, the energy of the full moon can be a bit overwhelming and lead to emotional overload. Take this time to reflect and adjust as necessary as you move into the last phase of the month.

Last Quarter Moon Phases

The last quarter moon phase symbolizes the completion of our goals/ intentions from the new moon at the beginning of the month. This is a time of transition and letting go of the month past in preparation for the cycle to restart. It’s important during this time to take responsibility for any mistakes or accomplishments you may have had. Use your intuition as you move through this phase.

Be kind and gentle as you review the month past.

There are different ways to honour each moon phase - check out the full article on Esbats for 2022 to see our suggestions for rituals to try out!

No matter how you celebrate the Esbats (or not), I hope your New Year is filled with ease and grace, peace and love and most of all a renewed sense of hope for our collective future. Remember, with the right intention, anything is possible.

Lots of love,


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