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December Traditions: Yule Sabbat Rituals

The Yule Sabbat is almost upon us! Yule is observed anywhere from December 20-23rd, on the shortest day of the year. Most will recognize this as the Winter Solstice; following this day, the days start to get longer again as the sun returns. Just as Samhain was a celebration of darkness and the “death of the Sun God”, Yule is the celebration of light and the “rebirth of the Sun God” in most Pagan traditions. Although Yule has been celebrated for much longer than Christmas, a lot of the rituals and traditions are the same.

Create a Yule Alter

Creating a Yule alter is simple. Just combine several symbols of the season, such a evergreen bundles of pine, fir, or cedar, you can also include pine cones and mistletoe. Using the colours of the season, the reds, greens, and whites, craft a yule that represent the winter season and the return of the sun.

Candle Ritual

Fill alter with candles with a sun candle in the middle- placed higher than the rest. Cast circle & repeat the following:

“The wheel of the year has turned once more and the nights have grown longer and colder. Tonight, the darkness begins to retreat and light begins its return once again. As the wheel continues to spin the sun returns to us once more.”

Light the sun candle, and say:

“Even in the darkest hours even in the longest nights the spark of life lingered on.

Laying dormant, waiting, ready to return when the time was right.

The darkness will leave us now, as the sun begins its journey home.”

Beginning with the candles closest to the sun candle, and working your way outward, light each of the other candles. As you light each one, say:

“As the wheel turns, light returns. The light of the sun has returned to us,

bringing life and warmth with it. The shadows will vanish, and life will continue.

We are blessed by the light of the sun.”

Reflect on the return of the sun and admire the glow of your candles before

blowing them out and ending the ritual.

However you celebrate this holiday season, I hope that it is filled with love and light!

Lots of love,



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