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Awakening the Healer - A Reiki Experience

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

I remember the first time I ever tried Reiki. I had just finished my first Yoga Teacher Training and they brought in a Reiki practitioner for our final retreat. I think this was their way of giving us a little taste of something we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. The practitioner explained the process to me and although I was a little skeptical, I tried to open my mind to the experience and simply be in the present moment. Side note for those of you who have never heard of Reiki before; it is a hands-on or hovering energy healing technique that assists the body in its natural healing processes. It originated in Japan by a man named Mikao Usui and has since been adopted in Western culture as a complementary therapy to many other treatments including chemotherapy, massage, psychology & more.

reiki is love love is wholeness dr. mikao usui quote

She left so I could hop up onto the table, gracefully I might add. I snuggled in under the blankets and awaited her return. She started me off with a short meditation to help me relax and then proceeded with the session. She began at the top of my head; her hands were hovering at my crown and I could almost immediately feel the energy surging through me. The energy started to come in waves and felt like it was getting stronger and stronger with every shift she made. She continued working her way down my body, hovering over my arms, legs and torso. The energy continued to engulf me and fill me with a warm tingling sensation, almost as though she were actively moving my body around on the table.

hand on head hand on heart reiki treatment energy work

When the session finished I was in a relaxation coma. I felt a deep sense of calm and purpose, especially after she talked me through what she had done. She explained that as she went through each part of my body, different intuitive messages came to her that she felt like she should share. I absorbed as much as I could from our chat. She provided a listening ear as I started ruminating on the information she had shared and when we were done, she sent me on my way with some water and guidance for how to move forward.

hand touching hand reiki energy healing

It was an extremely profound experience and forever altered my perception of myself and the world around me. Directly following the session, I scheduled my own Reiki training and never looked back. I always recommend that people try it, at least once, because I too have been in the shoes of the skeptic and after just one session had a complete mindset transformation.

By Robyn Snow 500HR (C)RYT, Reiki Practitioner Level 3 & Tarot Reader One on one Yoga and Reiki Sessions


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