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Winter Wonders: Find The Magic

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

It seems like just yesterday I was watching the ice begin to break up on the river and today I am seeing the ice build again, my how time flies.

Winter has definitely returned to us and for those cold or stormy days I have decided dive deep into my crafts, starting with a crochet project to create my Grandson a cozy blanket with love in every stitch. Do you have a hobby or favourite craft project? This year is a perfect time to learn what interests you and with so many tutorials online the sky is the limit. I find crafting keeps my mind focused and free from worry and depression.

The Holiday Season is just around the corner and it will certainly be a very different one for most of us. What will this mean for us all with the restrictions on gatherings and travel?

I have chosen to pull my Christmas tree out of storage and decorate it even if I cannot have visitors I am worthy of enjoying its beauty. Also if I am not able to travel during the holidays I have settled in my mind to treat myself to hot chocolate and cookies while I reminisce about past years of large gatherings and the excitement in the air whilst enjoying the beauty of the lights on my tree making phone calls or video chatting with family and friends. I am ready to hunker down and I have a load of yarn to create into projects.

If you are feeling lost and lonely this holiday season, reach out to friends and family. Pour yourself into creative ways to connect, create a treasure hunt for someone you love and miss in the city, sing carols, and have hot chocolate near a winter fire. The magic of the season is not only found crowded inside.

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season. Stay safe and reach out to those you love.

Just writing this I feel love in my heart that I can share my thoughts.



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